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Free lunch wants scrutiny careful prevent insurance sale trap
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"Buy send one " , insurance company also is met in intense competition exert " give protect " sale clever action. But a few insurance company are when sale guarantee slip, do not make sufficient explanation to clausal content, given assurance provides an evidence merely, right even clauses also " section choosing is given " , till hind of be or get out of danger, policy-holder just discovers be duped...

Developing privilege, long Jun bought the annuities product of some insurance company, obtain the accident danger guarantee slip that gives to be as long as 3 years, but because do not have the clause of scrutiny gift, agent also did not explain fair provision to its, down to is bilateral later reasonable compensate when generation is contradictory. After the event, long Jun is to halloo more be duped.

Because be gift, clauses also " section choosing is given "

September 2004, the specification of product of organization pension insurance that Long Jun holds in some insurance company is met on, bought 10 thousand yuan of guarantee slip, also bought a 1000 yuan guarantee slip for the daughter at the same time. Additional, insurance company according to agrees Xiang Longjun and its daughter offer guarantee slip of an accident danger each.

At that time, the staff member introduced this organization annuities product that contains deposit quality, say this product can make sure the yield that has 2.5 % every year, the end of the year shares out bonus. In addition, if this product is bought before December 31, can obtain the accident danger guarantee slip that gives to be as long as 3 years. Share out bonus of so called to insurance company the end of the year did not express Long Jun the hope, but the accrual that organization annuity is sure to be able to assure 2.5 % is a good product really. Meanwhile, long Jun more those who take a fancy to is the accident danger guarantee slip that insurance company is given. As a result of round strategic place 8 people above just can be bought, then Long Jun is mixed joined the person of the meeting to buy this annuities product together additionally.

After a month, long Jun got the guarantee slip that insurance company sends and given accident danger evidence. Then, he also did not want to press a contract more nonsked put money toward pension account. When falling up to his daughter accident, his pension account has had 15600 yuan, and the account of its daughter also has 1600 yuan.

In September 2005, long Jun's daughter is taken an examination of attended a college. A day night, long Jun's daughter blacks out from bed of upper berth climb down when, one foot steps on empty trip. Long Jun of after the event takes a daughter to go to hospital of some county class seeing a doctor, doctor diagnostic result is crural sprain, without fracture phenomenon, medical expenses altogether was spent 260 multivariate.

After the National Day passes, medical certificate of the guarantee slip that Long Jun is taking a daughter, hospital, medical treatment expended the receipt such as the proof to find insurance company. However personnel of service of insurance company bar is not with the circumstance of Long Jun's daughter however inside insurance company insurance coverage and rejecting claims.
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