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"Quiet life " plan of insurance manage money matters
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"From tolerate with others unripe safeguard plans " need policy-holder stocks insurance company every year 12733.23 yuan, stock 20 years, gentleman plan pays fee 255 thousand yuan, its characteristic can be used below a few words will generalize --
Reserve of 1 provide for the aged is early build, life of the setting sun is more wonderful early preparation of allowance of 2 medical treatment, 3 the moment of truth have convenience of silver hair life safeguard, major disease spends allowance of 4 old age leisurely additional much, character life has assure this plan not only can let policy-holder have highest can get the old-age pension to 100 one full year of life, still can enjoy at the same time what offer in safety is all-around lifelong and healthy safeguard, its are main the advantage has --
One, establish pension account, alleviate policy-holder of pressure of provide for the aged begins to get old-age pension from day of anniversary of guarantee slip of 65 one full year of life, take year of word that leads way, can get 10 thousand yuan the first year (or get 900 yuan every months) , every are gotten 3 times increase by degrees 600 yuan, assure to get 20 years, highest can get to day of anniversary of guarantee slip of 100 one full year of life.
2, gold of congratulate on sb's birthday of gold of brushstroke congratulate on sb's birthday can be gotten to be 100 thousand yuan when 88 one full year of life.
Two afore-mentioned fixed income add in already amounted to 390400 yuan, the insurance cost that already exceeded policy-holder is devoted.
3, lowest is enjoyed before 65 one full year of life gold of 108770 yuan safeguard of die safeguard die is highest can amount to 275400 yuan. 4, additionally major disease ensures gold before 65 one full year of life, policy-holder enjoys gold of insurance of 100 thousand yuan of major diseases, ensure 28 kinds of major diseases.
5, safeguard is more comprehensive after 65 years old after 65 one full year of life, policy-holder will get custody, emergency treatment is carried weighing disease, outpatient service of be in hospital, major operation, special ward cover 8 kinds of comprehensive medical treatment project safeguard.
6, insurance premium but exempt is awaiting period hind, if handing in cost period inside the first time produce major disease, so the sun from diagnose rises, policy-holder can be avoided after handing in each period should pay insurance premium.
7, enjoy share out bonus, share company operation result to begin every guarantee slip before getting year days in annuities, if insurance company has bonus allocation, policy-holder still can enjoy the bonus of restful insurance to allocate.

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