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Insurance secret, new Year big fluoroscopy
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Tell you 10 secrets about insurance ahead of schedule --
1, once bought insurance, want to retreat protect impossible.

Feasibility condition: Can retreat protect, but regular meeting has losing. Retreat protecting had better be after two years.
2. Compensation of insurance gold = .
Feasibility condition: Majority defends an amount of gotten real reason compensate, be less than insurance amount commonly.
The insurance that plants in a lot of danger makes clear a regulation in responsibility and insurance amount, how much is this highest insurance amount that plants nearly, it is namely when be or get out of danger most can the limitation that compensate pays. But in particular manage compensate procedure, even the basis is sure of mark injury or destructive degree and calm, because this defends a manage compensate amount that receives actually,often be less than insurance amount.

3, prices rises, money can devalue, still do not buy insurance so.
Feasibility condition: Devaluation is the thing of whole society, do not cast protect had not hidden as much.
4, advocate when danger invalidation, additional risk still can continue.
Feasibility condition: Advocate it is to point to nearly can cast the insurance a place difficult of access that guarantee to plant alone; Additional risk points to cannot cast alone protect, can add only at advocate cast the insurance a place difficult of access that guarantee to plant nearly. Advocate danger because invalidation, end an agreement or expire when waiting for reason effectiveness to stop, additional risk effectiveness also is stopped subsequently.
5, before buying insurance, what should do above all is to pick insurance company.
Feasibility condition: What should choose above all is insurance agent.
6, universal life danger may replace traditional insurance.
Feasibility condition: If the client's demand is variational not big, danger of so traditional life can suit more sometimes. Universal life danger is a kind of birthday a place difficult of access that has high flexibility, compare with photograph of traditional life danger, have insurance cost, keep the specified number alterable, the pay cost, means that get also can be adjusted at any time by oneself apiration.

7, buy be satisfactory to both sides to be sure most be to one's profit.
Feasibility condition: Insurance company offers the backside of double safeguard for you, mean: You also should pay more insurance cost for this. Insurance of be satisfactory to both sides is pair of fixed birthday danger is improved, when safeguard expires, if insurant still lives, the company will give Fu Man period insurance gold, namely " be satisfactory to both sides of life and death " , can acquire the meaning of manage compensate. accordingly, the insurance cost with safe be satisfactory to both sides should compare tower above of fixed birthday danger a lot of.
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