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Waerdeneier comes to Shanghai to impart recipe of conduct financial transactions
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Waerdeneier of famous general of table tennis circles was in afterwards this year in May after Beijing helps activity of salon of Zhen Ruitai conduct financial transactions, at the beginning of this year November, old tile will come to China again, with what differ last be, activity of this salon of second conduct financial transactions will be in Shanghai to hold. As we have learned, waerdeneier is lucky peaceful life-insurance limited company is foreign parent company Sweden this of can inferior insurance company client of 26 years.

Introduce according to old tile, shanghai person is reasonable money side is very astute, they are happy to accept and like to try new work, more careful to investing financial product, but, if yield is stable, they are more recipient still. He says, he also begins to pay attention to scientific conduct financial transactions in friend of a few sports, and be driven in his fall bought product of conduct financial transactions.

Vice-president of limited company of insurance of lucky Tai Renshou holds Duan Fangxiao of official of chief marketplace operation concurrently to express, current, china is in the gold period of phase of conduct financial transactions, guide a client correctly, build long-term investment consciousness of conduct financial transactions is very crucial. Will tell to corporation of professional conduct financial transactions, inform the client understanding to investing conduct financial transactions for a long time correctly, want to have the clear program to future above all; It is the capital state that knows oneself next, governable cash; Finally is to should assure enough circulating fund in order to ensure individual or family are badly in need of.

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