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Insurance fund invested a sword to point to He Fang 2007
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Through since 2004 for many times warm up, insurance fund grasped investment opportunity actively 2006, make insurance is obtained in stock market behead quite much, the main effect that insurance fund investment carries oppose capital market grows is paid close attention to generally. Obtained last year on after beautiful is behaved, how does insurance fund seek new investment breakthrough this year?

Bond market

Bond is with insurance company safeguard danger is planted the investment tool that is in debt to match most, in country of market economy maturity, bond market comes to be insurance fund investment all the time stand for war for years. Cast in our country still be in even the separate account assets such as danger the feasibility condition in swaddle to fall, center energy to do well bond advocate the investment of battlefield, still be the first job that fund of our country insurance manages. Of course, only company debt sends the bond market ability of Yo adequately to carry this heavy responsibility, because although national debt is good but yield is too low, with it is very difficult to be the insurance product that support charming. But company debt, the debt of low level company that issues with illicit collect means especially, can offer quite high yield, enough regards insurance fund as the mainstream asset of investment. And its risk is returned slightly under the stock, more important is its cash liquidity suits to be in debt with insurance more undertake matching. In the meeting of countrywide banking job that held January, enlarge debt city dimensions to be carried schedule. China protected inspect to be able to be released on Feburary 7 " grade of credit of investment of insurance device bond is how-to (try out) " , invest the safeguard with raise credit to evaluated ability to offer enterprise bond, important for insurance fund.

Stock investment and negotiable securities invest fund

In recent years, cast achieved great progress in our country nearly repeatedly, send the stock that has expanded even risk business insurance to show oneself the investment government ability, edge tool that waits for financial orgnaization to contend for dweller economy market with fund and bank. If the investment of insurance was achieved but the level with fund athletics, so, cast chairman fills even danger nature do not decline. Casting after obtaining even danger fund certain dimensions, the insurance setting negotiable securities that can consider to create function of not accessary insurance invests fund, be in the United States for instance, a few insurance company basically are managed cast invest even danger or administrative negotiable securities fund.

2000 - the fund of negotiable securities investment 2001 once let insurance cheer like the stock last year caper, the hope sees in the despair that interest rate reduces continuously. But 3 years of much long-term bear are city, subsequently enclosed fund considerably convert into money trades, make in low an one disaster after another of wandering insurance fund yield. 2005 after stock market get warm again after a cold spell, the solution that covers prison hind for a long time covers a surprise to add what some companies invest stock qualification directly to obtain, make many companies are decreased considerably manage fund. Enclosed 2006 fund spurt in prices and large proportion share out bonus, make some companies regret to did not use sufficient policy again, accordingly, the scale of 15% should be used quite. As fund " fairness trades " of the system perfect, the possibility that the interest carries will be reduced ceaselessly, insurance company should develop the advantage, society responsibility that assumes an orgnaization investor, share the profit of bovine city through fund.
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