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Who to invest? Chinese of restful insurance PK birthday
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Long-term investment is occupied in restful equity investment than bigger, short-term investment changes a frequency faster, come nearly 3 years investment gain rate all the time life of country of summary prep above.

The basis invests the estimation of financing source to restful stock, restful partner can share the yield of the 60 % when bovine city only.

On Feburary 12, china is sure in safety (group) joint-stock company (2318.HK) issues A, field of A stock market is only Chinese birthday (601628; 2628.HK) is sure only the situation also will end. Although share price of life of near future country already dropped 49.5 yuan from the apogee after appearing on the market,reach 34.85 yuan of Feburary 7, but still relatively 18.88 yuan emission valence exceeds 80 % rise. Duplicate country life appears on the market " profitable effect " , also be investor to restful hope.

Have the two big insurance company of characteristic most as home, birthday has the state advantaged state-owend enterprise setting and resource advantage; is China in safety the earliest internationalization and commercialized insurance company, its " close together model " finance manages platform integratedly is A appear on the market the largest investment window. Study the investment style of both, a series of share that of be the first to be affected is its company framework and near future of course buy: The country is electrified wire netting of birthday share south, wide hair bank is financial investment, the purpose is to obtain yield; Buy in safety belong to strategic investment more, the purpose depends on seek accusing absolutely, compose builds financial platform.

Specific go up to stock and bond investment, its characteristic is as approximate as afore-mentioned style cardinal principle also: Restful side invests at long-term equity again, and country short-term equity investment takes life bigger; Come nearly 3 years restful investment gain rate all the time life of prep above country, but as a result of insurance product different, restful partner can share the 60 % of restful yield when the stock market soared 2006 only; Although the restful yield when the stock market rises is inferior to a country birthday can belong to partner entirely in that way, but restful when the market goes ursine investment loss also is met relatively country birthday is low.

Long-term equity investment is main body

In May 2005, china is restful with its safe life danger mixes two stature companies to be produced in safety danger is collective and contributive established restful asset to run a company, the insurance fund investment of responsible and whole group supervises the work.

Up to on September 30, 2006, china is restful total assets three hundred and thirty-two billion eight hundred and ninety-three million yuan, give among them the fund that restful asset manages company management 283 billion yuan, include fund of capital of product of the own reserves of group company and professional subsidiary, insurance or fiducial product, open the account that runs independently, independent business accounting to different capital. In 283 billion yuan of fund that manage by restful asset, except current and 3 months the following time deposit reachs a few day-to-day operation outside what needing capital, the asset that constitutes investment combination truly is 270 billion yuan are controlled (because according to Chinese accountant criterion is announced data and the data that report according to international finance affairs criterion is announced somewhat difference) .
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