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Two big subtle move dissolve insurance fund " the Incantation of the Golden hoop
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Concussion of wide cut of field of stock market of near future A, fund weighs a storehouse become bovine city in succession " betrayer " , and in light of the angle that invests a concept from value, insurance fund is the confederate with natural fund, many fund weigh a storehouse the heavy storehouse that also often is insurance fund, electric power of treasure steel share, the Yangtse River all such. So, fund weighs a storehouse drop, caused the market immediately the care of current to insurance fund unfavorable situation.

  "The Incantation of the Golden hoop " wisdom of test insurance fund

And in light of the focus that pays close attention to from current market public opinion, the heavy storehouse that the core problem that analyses a personage to pay close attention to insurance fund place is not insurance fund the metabolic circumstance of current market prise, be sure however how is capital being dealt with weigh a storehouse at present drop urgently, be hold still is decreased hold? This is in at present the new setting of ceaseless emerge in large numbers leaves new feature of field of A stock market, it is a problem really.

Because statistical data shows, through a year much bovine city is swelled after rising, of 90% inside 12 months go up more than 100% , and 2004 the bottom comes on stage " investment of stock of insurance device investor runs temporary measure " (the following abbreviation " temporary measure " ) , " insurer stock capital fund is mandatory and how-to (try out) " (the following abbreviation " how-to " ) invest stock market establish for insurance device regular: Insurance device investor must not invest the price to be in 12 the middle of a month went up in the past a stock of more than 100% , this is equivalent to be being covered to insurance fund application went up " the Incantation of the Golden hoop " .

But at present the short-term trend of field of A stock market adjusts prices because of what last and produce a change, fund of a batch of insurance weighs a storehouse K line attempt already was formed drop passageway. If insurance fund chooses to decrease a storehouse to cover,show, so be faced with set after showing how the corner of reinvest. Because at present field of A stock market 90% inside 12 months go up of more than 100% " the Incantation of the Golden hoop " existence, safe after all capital is impossible to empty storehouse of the choice below bovine setting grows in field of A stock market, jump extremely likely otherwise empty, but if decrease,the share is bought again after holding, be faced with again " the Incantation of the Golden hoop " manacle. Nevertheless, if continue,these weigh hold storehouse, as a result of short line trend not beautiful, have the tendency that continues to drop, so, get what the shrink place that is faced with market prise brings to suffer again, short-term after all trend shows heavy storehouse will continue to be adjusted downward. Such feature is worn in test really the investment brain truster of current insurance fund.
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