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Bovine city and add breath is double insurance investment and consumption look b
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The Central Bank rises to go up again from August 22 RMB of tone finance orgnaization puts loan standard interest rate. Of fetching attention is, this has been the Central Bank is added the 4th times of this year breath, also be the Central Bank from October 29, 2004 later add the 7th times continuously breath. With banking add cease warm up of echo each other at a distance is current a heat that enter town comes loose in the stock market warm up again. It is to enter the bank deposit that increases news channel at the same time, it is prosperous stock market at the same time, face this kind of situation, product of of all kinds insurance, invest kind of insurance product to a what kind of condition be in especially? Can superintendency branch, insurance company have He Ying to measure? How should policy-holder choose again?

Double extruding issues the change that sees insurance sale market

Institute of insurance of university of central finance and economics teachs Zheng Sujin to say, from theoretic look, although increase breath and tone low interest,duty will make bank deposit circumfluence, of the stock market hot will attract more capital to enter town, but as a result of the products plan in insurance market different, its influence difference is very big. To money danger market, because consumer buys money a place difficult of access,basically be the consideration that is based on its to have risk demand, accordingly, from the point of the angle of the sale, add the breath, change that moves low interest duty and stock market to be affected to its all not quite. And because this insurance fund is in,apply going up basically is bank deposit, increase breath and the yield that move instead of low interest duty to be able to add a product.

In birthday danger respect, inside course of study think generally, at present the overall development posture of market of domestic life danger is: Growth is slow, retreat protect rate increase. Take Liaoning province to be exemple, only first quarter, increase rate of market of Liaoning birthday danger is 11.13 % , pay retreat keep gold 707 million yuan, grow 40.31% compared to the same period, retreat protect rate for 15.53 % . To this, the personage inside course of study thinks, of the stock market hot the influence that brings to birthday danger product is more comprehensive, and add cease and fall tax regulations produced partial effect. From the point of traditional risk, because its emphasize the safeguard function that is product itself, acceptance secures profit to policy-holder, because this is added,fall tax is the biggest to its influence, cause completely likely protect door retreat protect and convert other finance to invest breed. To danger of share out bonus, because its are had,book interest rate, and our country still practices price control to insurance product, set the books interest rate not to exceed year of compound interest 2.5 % of birthday danger guarantee slip, the product that at present company of each birthday risk rolls out approachs this level only mostly. Accordingly, add cease and fall tax is very big also to the concussion of this product. The reporter also notices, in this second rise breath hind, a year period the interest rate after time deposit duty already the price interest rate of guarantee slip of danger of prep above birthday 92 base point. And 3 years period with 5 years period the interest rate of price of birthday danger guarantee slip that 2.5% already exceed after the interest rate after the duty of time deposit ceases through be being added this of near one times. Although the settle accounts interest rate of birthday danger guarantee slip is higher than price interest rate, but one year when add breath hind period time deposit interest rate has forced continuously the settle accounts interest rate of birthday danger guarantee slip, guarantee slip of danger of share out bonus is being squashed quickly to the advantage of saving interest rate. Accordingly, add this cease to will be weakened further undoubtedly share out bonus at present the appeal of danger guarantee slip, the sale of guarantee slip of danger of share out bonus will become more difficult. But connect to casting danger, because the main whereaboutldirection of its capital is,buy fund and share. Accordingly, yield hopeful gets addition below the condition with true investment, its sale status will be affected actively because of the stock market and the change that impose the condition such as breath.
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