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Investment insurance how 3 choose one
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Abound of the tool ceaselessly as domestic manage money matters, the bank that gives priority to body with investment insurance is sure to get more and more attention. Why will if is the choice made in of all kinds insurance,be told from the angle of domestic manage money matters?

Pay close attention to capital safety

To domestic investment, the safety of capital should be most the factor that considers first. Capital is safe actually understandable the fluidity that is a product, what say normally namely " change now " ability.

Think from this element, the product that keeps this function is had to have danger of share out bonus and universal a place difficult of access only in proper time internal energy, danger of share out bonus should be not retreated ahead of schedule only protect the absolutely security that can assure capital, and universal a place difficult of access is more quick, in hold proper time backs down protect will not collection charge. And cast even danger, cast in what the bank sells especially even danger, more the fund of much like a kind account, lie in security market " bovine city " when, this kinds of earnings performance that plants nearly is better, but machine is undeserved when once appear,be being bought, appear extremely likely negative growth, because this is in total assets,specific gravity shoulds not be too big.

Compare long-term profit

Time length also is the main factor that domestic investment considers. The product that short-term investment can consider to secure profit or negotiable securities kind product, and the product that long-term investment needs to choose float accrual, lie in home especially the level that increases news channel, should select a product that can grow link up with with saving interest rate more.

Can say danger of share out bonus and universal a place difficult of access can satisfy the requirement of above, danger of share out bonus is on the base that maintains base income certainly to the client, will realize the function of float accrual through function of share out bonus, make integral earnings level and photograph of corresponding level of saving interest rate suit. Universal a place difficult of access is right of interest rate " reaction " criterion more " acute " , announce yield by the month normally and settle accounts, its earnings level can be followed on the foundation that keep a copy deposit money at that time of interest rate level rise and rise, implementation " breath go up along with go up " .

The consideration ensures a function

Since be insurance product, the dominant position with the largest than other investment breed bearing is sure to ensure a function namely, general this kind of product the metropolis is a few more accessary safeguard, if harm safeguard, accident accidentally,harm accident of medical treatment safeguard, public traffic safeguard, die safeguard.

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