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Safeguard of medical treatment of sickness of travel going abroad is indispensab
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To preparing the passenger of European go on a journey, when the guarantee slip that buys travel a place difficult of access, must seek advice from the provision with safe to medical treatment country of go on a journey seriously, the problem produces when buying travel danger not blindly to bring about visa.

European Union board sets, insurance of conduction travel medical treatment is the basic premise that signs and issue application visa. Among them, because fall ill,insurance of travel medical treatment must include to may send the charge that returns a country and emergency treatment and fare of urgent be in hospital, loss compensation is 30 thousand euro at least.

The insurance company that at the same time European Union country still provides accept insurance must be in country of European Union member, Switzerland perhaps lists a Dui Shideng to business is nodded, consumer is being cast this should notice when protecting.

Besides European Union country mandatory besides the requirement, proposal citizen goes when other country travel, also should emphasize a consideration to increase medical treatment danger to ensure the forehead to spend. Go for instance southeast Asia, Africa a few countries, as a result of climate condition, food condition different, very incidental all sorts of diseases, once fall ill, medical treatment cost is quite high. And what differ with danger of common medical treatment is, medical treatment a place difficult of access is bought when swimming outside the condition besides should have medicine besides compensation, the most important should add medical treatment is carried and still send return.

Some danger are planted still have compensation of charge of condolatory seek by inquiry, namely insurant falls ill when travelling outside the condition be in hospital, when the case is severe, can arrange its family to leave the country by insurance company seek by inquiry, compensate corresponding charge. This sweet service may be compensated than charge more let a person touch.

Also buy an insurance to baggage

According to statistic, the odds that baggage is done to lose happens in viatic road, the probability that compares aircraft accident is high still. The circumstance that swims outside the condition is a go even farther than more. Product of danger of a few travel also has corresponding safeguard to baggage incur loss through delay. If insurant is in,arrive at after booking destination 8 hours, its are followed consign baggage to still did not send all right touch, the necessaries of life that insurant buys in place can be in insurance company be reimbursed for what one spends.

Still have interesting helpless phenomenon, develop advance rapidly as Chinese economy, attend the Chinese that swims outside the condition to be maintained to be wealthy person by the foreigner, became the target of a lot of abroad bandits.

Be aimed at this kind of circumstance, a lot of travel danger products plan property safeguard. During going to brigade belongings is stolen or rob, or because of tripartite responsibility losing, attaint, insurance company will pay to buy the fare that perhaps repairs afresh. When encountering this kind of situation, the tourist should call the police in time, withhold a receipt when purchasing relevant articles for use, these are the important basises of manage compensate.
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