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Company of risk of 6 old age " fist " the product is compared greatly go all out
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The country is birthday, restful, too protect, peaceful health, new China, peace and tranquility company of risk of these 6 birthday, according to insurance cost before be on for dimensions 6, also be being meant is the company with policy-holder contribution most capital. After all what product is in pull use income of its insurance cost, what product most suffer policy-holder to chase after hold in both hands, reporter of weekly of conduct financial transactions made full-scale investigation to the product of these 6 companies, comb an every company 1-2 to plant in recent years " star product " . From the point of the characteristic 2007, to cater to the investment mentality of the market, 6 insurance company take function of safe conduct financial transactions seriously particularly, economy is healthy kind the product becomes the sale main force this year.

Chinese birthday

NO.1 Kang Ning is lifelong and great the disease is safe

Kang Ning is lifelong it is product of risk of a when Chinese birthday rolls out earlier serious illness, belong to the product of a key since this company is long-term. Upgrade ceaselessly after replacement, the Kang Ning that rolls out newly 2007 is lifelong keep 10 kinds of major diseases, a hematopoiesis still was added to do cellular transplanting operation in revised edition.

Insurant is in produce deformity of height of major disease, die, body or insurant lives to year full the become effective of 70 one full year of life is corresponding day, can get corresponding insurance gold according to relevant provision.

Annuity of NO.2 perfect lifetime is safe

Perfect lifetime annuity is safe (share out bonus) collect safeguard, deposit, share out bonus is Trinitarian, accorded with instantly individual to be opposite long-term model the demand that ensures program of conduct financial transactions, as the thorough popular feeling that invests idea of conduct financial transactions, this danger is planted make Chinese life advocate a share out bonus that turn insurance.

Insurant comes since the day of contract become effective year full the day of become effective correspondence of 74 one full year of life stops, if insurant lives, can get " care annuity " with time-expired insurance gold; Be like insurant die, can get die insurance gold by the regulation. In the meantime, insurant still can enjoy annual extra dividend to allocate.

As we have learned, after the client of a lot of Chinese birthday was buying this share out bonus insurance, use annual pension to add buy a Kang Ning lifelong and major disease is safe, common says " with be being raised nearly danger " .

Restful person life

Healthy insurance plans 3 grand of NO.1

In January 2005, roll out in safety " 3 grand health is sure to plan " , the product is the oldest characteristic depended on designing " major disease shifts to an earlier date to pay additional risk " . Client implementation is lifelong when serious illness is ensured and enjoying benefit of share out bonus, need to buy two pieces of guarantee slip no longer. As we have learned, this product is in after rolling out half an year, make restful person life advocate make one of products, all the time since the front row that occupies sale a list of names posted up firmly.
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