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Comment on Jincheng to be sure " gold is unripe win the home " cast even danger
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Mr Zhang of 30 years old, ever bought Jincheng to be sure " gold is unripe win the home " investment is concatenate and safe, insurance amount is 200 thousand yuan, pay insurance cost every year 7600 yuan, first years wholesale pays insurance premium 10 thousand yuan serve as increase investment, if press assume return rate is intermediate computation:
In year of the 10th guarantee slip, value of its individual account is 96 thousand yuan about; When 60 one full year of life, its account value but accumulative total makes an appointment with 489 thousand yuan annuities, if encounter misfortune, can win about 689 thousand yuan die compensation; When 90 one full year of life, its account value will achieve 2.038 million yuan.
This product characteristic:
One, provide safeguard of the die that increase the specified number
Die ensures gold to be insurance amount and the sum of individual account value, individual account value rises, die ensures amount to increase subsequently.
2, initiative charge is inferior, management is transparent, collect fees simple
70% what first years initiative charge is basic insurance premium, deduct inside insurance premium, the rest insurance cost turns into individual account with form of unit of investment. Initiative charge decreases successively quickly from the year after year since the 2nd year, rise to the 6th year avoid collect initiative fee. Extra insurance premium and wholesale hand in insurance premium to avoid collect fee. Investment value is announced regularly, issue independent and financial report every year.
3, investment account administration fee is less, capital allocates freedom
Set 3 investment account, each delegate is active enterprising, steady balance reach low risk, medium the investment of accrual, high liquidity is politic, every administration fee that invests account collection is less.
The client bears according to his investment interest and risk ability, free choice invests account or transition has between account, can sell an unit of investment to carry at any time now, or increase investment to get bigger get one's own back.
4, additional service is more
Add defends award: In day of anniversary of contract of the 10th insurance after guarantee slip become effective, after reaching all can extend 5 every years add keeps stake. Accumulative account value is greater, bonus is more.
Insurance cost holiday: If the client needs to defer pay insurance cost, as long as the individual account remaining sum at that time is ample pay safeguard charge and initiative fee, not only can suspend delivery insurance cost, still continue to obtain original safeguard.
Low poundage account changes: Changeover invests account, need to pay only turn give amount 1% as poundage, reduce accrual cost effectively.
5, investment outstanding achievement is stable
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