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Fund of stock market concussion and cast compare greatly nearly repeatedly go al
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The personage inside course of study is analysed, cast even danger is short-term accrual although stock of be not a patch on fund, but its long-term earnings has approached fund average level

Editor's note

As investment climate increasingly flourishing, people is opposite together with the understanding that invests conduct financial transactions and insurance safeguard " have a feeling more and more " . This year, invest concatenate danger (next weighing that cast even danger) new flourishing and fund are held in both hands by heat, made economy market undoubtedly two big " fashion colour " . Former the yield combination that is life-insurance safeguard and fund account, latter appreciate quickly " fascinating " . Can say, how to find combination of first-rate conduct financial transactions from which, make oneself capital gets bigger change appreciate, became the topic that increasing citizen cares. This edition asks an expert to answer for you especially doubt dispels doubts.

Shenzhen is cast advance steadily nearly repeatedly

As we have learned, get the influence of concussion of near future stock market, this year all the time of sell like hot cakes cast appeared in domestic share city nearly repeatedly constrictive phenomenon. And the reporter protects inspect bureau know from Shenzhen, of Shenzhen market cast although also have,put even rate of growth of income of danger insurance cost delay, but integral amplitude still exceeds 400 % compared to the same period, achieve 407.34 % , make clear cast still continueing nearly repeatedly " advance steadily " .

The personage inside course of study is analysed, 8, cast September lunar insurance cost all amounts to even danger sheet nearly 400 million yuan, the investment market that reflects a Shenzhen is very active, cast the heft in birthday danger market accentuates even the investment such as danger insurance increasingly. Cast in September before New Year today take even the insurance cost income of danger in income of birthday danger insurance cost than already exceeding 20 % , although present growth rate somewhat rein in, but too big to casting the good the look of things that connects danger whole to do not have impact.

In the meantime, personage of conduct financial transactions also expresses, although cast,connect danger and stock market be closely bound up, but, cast did not appear to fluctuate apparently in Shenzhen market nearly repeatedly, this explains Shenzhen investor has compared maturity, the level sex that people appears to capital market turns over reproduction elephant to hold more rational manner. Besides, because a lot of Shenzhen people have the opportunity that invests the stock market directly, accordingly, the choice is applied send the investor that has economy nearly repeatedly, a lot of people are in original investment basis aspirant travel conduct financial transactions expands, seek combination of better conduct financial transactions, the investment state of mind of these people compares stability relatively.
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