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The bank becomes a shareholder insurance company will cause insurance industry t
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All the time since, the mixes already battalion, gold to accuse a group construction of financial industry is attention focus. 11 days come out again the State Council is principle agree with a bank to become a shareholder the message of insurance company, allow the market the road that to insurance and bank the future of industry of two big banking cooperates, and pattern of insurance market future produced a lot of conception.

The bank becomes a shareholder firm ice breaks insurance company

Battalion is in the classics confusing property of financial industry what is abroad any more new issue, but the branch line of business that be a hindrance to superintends an orgnaization at Chinese finance is superintended, battalion develops the classics confusing property between insurance and bank all the time however slow.

Recently the State Council already in principle approved silver to inspect is met and protect inspect to be able to appear in the newspaper jointly " invest issue of insurance company equity about the commercial bank " file of ask for instructions, the bank is involved to invest the content of insurance company only in the file, and the issue that did not involve a bank to create insurance company. Have not be opposite at present means of particular investment limitation, investment, become a shareholder the detail problem such as limits undertakes making clear.

To becoming a shareholder possibly limits, the market thinks proportion won't be very high generally. The analyst Peng Yu Long that Guo Taijun installs tells a reporter: "Should not exceed 20% , this is insurance company becomes a shareholder the top scale of the bank. This is insurance company becomes a shareholder the top scale of the bank..

OK and affirmative is, invest this unlock or can take pilot kind, concerned branch will choose 3 to 4 banks. According to reliable information, traffic bank and Beijing bank had submitted formal application document.

The cry long-standing of insurance company of bank encroach on, there was much home bank early to put forward the investment, desire that creates insurance company 2006, but did not get approving at that time, intent of after this Construction Bank holds a restful event also is bubbling with noise.

Accordingly, the personage inside course of study does not surprised to this message, institute of insurance of university of central finance and economics carries out decanal Hao to perform Professor Su to express to the reporter: "This is expected issue completely, become a shareholder in Chinese birthday especially Guangzhou development bank and bank of the people's livelihood, and after buy Shenzhen commercial bank in safety and establishing restful bank, the equity collaboration trend between this kind of bank and insurance is clearer and clearer. "

Mode of collaboration of safe, bank or the change

"This to insurance company and bank character is interest good news. " Peng Yulong says to the reporter so.
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