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Is stock market big shock sure to sell how?
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Current, chinese stock market has run historical perch, be in an anticipation that shows futures is about to roll out below, grail begins to perform the prices of exalted concussion. The prices that jumps below every sky leap up lets filled with apprehension of a lot of shareholders, many average investor flinch to the stock market. A few shareholders begin from the get away in the stock market, search the most reliable capital to maintain channel of value rise in value, the member that this just is sale exhibited course of study to offer advantageous chance...


Stock market earthquake

Affect insurance geometry?

Come nearly two years, effect pole moved the money of the stock market greatly Chinese common people is fried enthusiastic, lifted the whole people to fry upsurge. But the stock market after all the risk is very big, of the stock market rise to fell to also give investor many lessons greatly greatly. Go up greatly in what experience before one level later, the stock market falls continuously from 6000 bits of tune, this lets a lot of what intervene in perch is medium small investor is disastrous, a lot of investor discover, it is more and more difficult to make money from inside the stock market.

Increase ceaselessly as what the stock market fluctuates, a lot of shareholders begin to transfer asset, the change invests strategy. Have many clever investor among them, use the profit of the earning in early days stock market buy product of of all kinds insurance, in order to assure the triumphal fructification of early days. For instance, apt of a lot of investor invests capital cast even danger.

Advisory Shen Wei indicates economy of branch of Chinese restful Beijing, from theoretic tell, the fund that buys insurance is concerned with the client's demand only, with the stock market go up drop without too big concern, but the insurance market as a result of our country is immature still, real to oneself insurance demand is not clear about a lot of clients to be not cared about even, be interested in the product of conduct financial transactions of high income more instead. Fall in the circumstance with fervent stock market especially, common people conduct financial transactions enters a kind of error easily -- value earnings only, oversight risk. And once the stock market appears to drop greatly, common people often cannot bear again loss. So, below the circumstance that drops in the stock market, common people is personal got the risk is taught, product of more recipient insurance.

The sale impact of stock market concussion to product of danger of traditional safeguard birthday is not big, but it is however nearly repeatedly to casting " Shuang Renjian " : On one hand, cast also can follow even the profit of danger the stock market to drop greatly fall after a rise; On the other hand, cast even of danger fight drop the gender is ambitious at sheet stock or fund, in aggravate of stock market concussion this is become mouth, cast even of danger " port " action is highlighted come out. Because cast,connect danger and general insurance product the biggest different depend on, can be insurance cost cent deposit and investment two account, former provide safeguard function, latter helps client economy. Because capital is OK,transition has between different account, cast so even the risk of danger far be less than buy sheet stock or fund.
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