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Make strong narrow pass: "Be filled with not deficient " or " additional kind of
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On July 1, 2006, our country is carried out formally " byelaw of compulsory insurance of liability of accident of motor vehicle traffic " , compulsory insurance of new traffic accident liability (the following abbreviation " make strong narrow pass " ) begin to be carried out in the round. According to saying, this danger is planted before cost rate is being made, the research of the special project group that ever calculated personnel and product to develop main force to comprise through essence of domestic property insurance company, invite Asian essence to calculate division office to participate in make cost rate. But since this year, exist about making strong narrow pass " sudden huge profits " criticize incessant Yu Er. On April 23, china protects inspect to meet spokesman of chairman assistant, news Yuan Li expresses, handing in strong danger to carry out full after a year (namely this year after July 1) , the meeting that keep watch has case of business of strong to handing in risk collect and analysis, make provision of strong risk rules according to motor vehicle, reach hand in profit of strong risk business and deficit situation to trim the rate that decide cost. Adjust to cost rate bigger, the meeting that keep watch will undertake hearing of witnesses.

Make strong narrow pass the focus that not be filled with not deficient principle is a controversy all the time. But should discuss this topic, need to discuss the issue of 3 mutual connection at least: Why should execute " do not be filled with not deficient " principle; What just is " do not be filled with not deficient " , decide according to what namely " be filled with " and " deficient " ; Will decide by who " be filled with " and " deficient " , be decided to expend the adjustment of rate then by who.

Why to hand in strong danger otherwise to be filled with not deficient? Hand in strong strategic place to let commercial insurance company manage, cannot do one's duty, true if deficit, commerciality insurance company does not work for certain, because the focus of this problem depends on insurance company cannot earning too much money, cannot appear once bubbling with noise ground discussion passes " sudden huge profits " . Resemble in those days boat idea a place difficult of access, when whether putting those who leave a lasting and pleasant impression in the controversy of sudden huge profits to still be in, the price of a place difficult of access of every boat idea falls by 40 yuan it is 20 yuan, and contend for a place difficult of access of argue boat idea to the utmost the person of nonexistent sudden huge profits left greatly fun. I think, if announce now, the insurance cost of car of for private use of 6 the following households falls by 1050 yuan 525 yuan, broad consumer is met certainly clap applauds. But only market competition ability helps the profit that sells the home downward ceaselessly, until " Yu Ling of average gain approach " .

And does the market that makes strong danger field compete how? Hand in strong danger to implement unified clause and cost rate, even if also get after a year cannot under the 7 limitation that fold, make the price gets in the action in the market great limitation. But law of value comes out with screwy formal expression however, be like to get business, a lot of companies use all sorts of methods, break through poundage not to exceed the regulation of 4% far, make thereby this one standard exists in name only, reduce in many areas " not the Ma Jinuo line of defence of fortify " just.
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