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Common people is put in error of 4 big understanding to insurance
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What organize a system as development of high speed of our country economy and finance is ceaseless and perfect, insurance takes the life of ordinary common people gradually. But insurance group public figure thinks, at present still many common people know an error to be sure to exist, block up the initiative of risk of resistance of product of insurance of its have the aid of.

China is restful branch of life-insurance Inc. Heilongjiang astral class grooms Su Yanli of division of program of adviser, conduct financial transactions thinks, common
4 understanding error includes:

One of errors: Think to buy insurance to was not used, which have so sickish ah of calamity. Especially a few youths that just enter a society, without the uncertain risk in realising life adequately nowhere is absent, feel to there is money to be inferior to doing in the hand bit other.

Of the error: Think to buy insurance to be inferior to a money existence bank. Bank deposit goes to the lavatory with its in domestic manage money matters gender, flexibility, security is accepted by common people place, but the flexibility that just is it and access convenient sex, make because the family is lacked plan or cannot reach deposit goal from beginning to end. Although reached stated deposit goal, often encounter sudden accident as a result of domestic member, and make accumulate come to naught for years.

Of the error: Buy insurance redound low, be inferior to frying a stock, buy fund. Insurance is just like the goalkeeper of domestic finance affairs, because the risk is immersed in the crisis,avoid domestic finance affairs, belong to avoid kill model product, and the forward that fund is just like domestic finance affairs, those who bring is the appreciation that expects a likelihood, belong to hasten benefit product.

Of the error: Buy insurance, easy manage compensate is difficult when buying. Actually, the impression with a lot of difficult to manage compensate common people comes from at " hear " , and rather than is experienced personally truly. Odd from " manage compensate " this angle will tell, accord with the truth can compensate pays.

A few kinds of circumstances can suffer rejecting claims, must understand: 1 , in spite of illness is cast protect; 2 casting before protecting, did not fulfill tell obligation according to the facts; 3, did not buy corresponding danger to plant, manage compensate limits is not belonged to when bringing about insurance accident to happen.

Actually, to protect the interest of policy-holder and insurant, the country is in " law of insurance of People's Republic of China " in regulation of proclaimed in writing, when insurant and insurance company produce controversy, the judiciary ought to make the explanation that is helpful for insurant.

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