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Cast even danger again fire also is not bought when the stock
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Stock market grail went up greatly last year 130% , already rose again this year 50% , go up with the stock market drop the investment of be closely bound up is concatenate and safe (abbreviation " cast even danger " ) be chased after by the citizen hold in both hands. The expert reminds, the safeguard function of insurance product cannot be ignored, cannot cast buy when the stock nearly repeatedly.
Since last year, the stock market lasts active, cast even danger earnings when the river rises the boat goes up-particular things improve with the improvement of the general situation. Much home company is cast account net value indicates even danger investment, cast year of yield even danger product not less last year to exceed 25% .
Insurance company frequency is pushed cast even danger product
Yesterday, life person life is rolled out its are cast first times even danger product. Go up month, this company has 6 investment account to obtain at a heat more approve city. This company personage expresses, here the opportunity rolls out this product, it is to be based on what invest the market to home of the 2nd quarter to value.
The investment channel of this product is the outstanding fund on the market. Zhou Weiwei of department of administration of human affairs of branch of Hubei of life person life expresses, casting is to be in numerous fund nearly repeatedly after undertaking be mixinged choicely filtration, offer investor alternative again, this is meant already helped investor filter a risk.
Below the situation that in home investment market values, companies of many burgeoning birthday risk also begin to increase cast mix even the development of danger put in strength, if believe too branch of Hubei of sincere person life, smooth person,birthday Hubei branch all was rolled out before this cast severally even danger product.
Safeguard scale setting shoulds not be too low
Cast sell even danger heat while, the risk also is in show. A few investor cast buy when the stock nearly repeatedly, safeguard account scale is installed very lowly.
Go up lunar base, china protects what inspect can come on stage to cast calculate even danger essence formulary requirement, cast do not get even the safeguard proportion of danger 5% under value of account of the individual when signing and issue guarantee slip, the individual is like one-time pay insurance cost 200 thousand yuan, so the amount of safeguard is not gotten little at 10 thousand yuan, and the risk safeguard that must provide unexpected death and blame accident to die.
Senior lecturer Yu Min weighs ministry of representative of bank of branch of Hubei of life person life, be based on the new rule of the meeting that keep watch, many companies already were sending the set in connecting danger product newly taller safeguard, those who be like this company is new cast provide even danger product, because of,be like a client disease die, the of 105% compensate that can obtain individual account value pays, accident die is highest 200% what can obtain individual account value, amount does not exceed 1 million yuan compensate to pay.
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