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The possibility that insurance company closes down is analysed
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A problem is insurance company is encounter to close down in the sale problem, a lot of people think, I put money in insurance company, you closed down in the future, how does that do? Face this problem, I induced from the summary in insurance law the following, serve as reference to these friends.

Above all, what our country uses is the most severe superintendency measure. Any management activities of insurance company supervise the supervisory limits of the meeting in insurance inside, this wants than the superintendency of average company sharply much.

The 82nd insurance company has one of following change item, beard classics is sure to supervise administration approval:

(One) change a name;

(2) change registers capital;

(3) change a firm or the business place of the branch;

(4) adjust scope of business;

(5) company component is amalgamative perhaps;

(6) modification company rules;

(7) change contributive person or hold company stock the partner of 10% above;

(8) the other change item that is sure to supervise an administration to set.

Insurance company changes president, general manager, ought to sign up for classics insurance to supervise an administration to examine its to hold a post qualification.

Insurance company high level is fluctuant also should declare to the country, it is OK to and pass examine ability strictly, this is in other industry is very scarce. The superintendency that visible country manages to insurance company is how strict.

Next, insurance company the enrollment of 20% capital gold should stock golden bank, so this money can bend over for a long time to go up in the account of the bank.

Pick from insurance law: The 20% extraction cash deposit of capitalization ought to be registered according to its after the 79th insurance company holds water, stock insurance to supervise the bank that the administration appoints, outside when be being liquidated except insurance company, be being used at pay off debt, must not employ.

When these money can serve as liquidation only, ability is employed, avoided insurer goes broke in the future, and there is a minute of money on account.

The 3rd, the extraction of each reserve.

The 94th insurance company ought to the basis ensures the insurant interest, principle that assures solvency, draw each responsibility reserve.

Insurance company is extracted and the specific measure of reserve of carry forward responsibility supervises an administration to make by insurance.

The 95th insurance company ought to be compensated for according to the insurance that has offerred or give Fu Jin the specified number, and had produced insurance accident but the insurance that has not offer is compensated for or give Fu Jin the specified number, draw pendency reparations reserve.

Outside reserve of extraction of the 96th before dividing according to 2 regulations, insurance company ought to the regulation of according to concerned law, administrative regulations and system of accounting of national finance affairs draws accumulation fund.
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