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Buy little ought to pay close attention to capture to expend safeguard fixed num
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"Would rather adult is not bought, also want to buy an insurance to the child first. " this is current the aspirations of many mom. Little danger is popular all the time it is the fact that does not dispute, especially little danger of share out bonus, because be equal to hold a safeguard function concurrently at deposit, it is the special gift that makes mom send the child more.   

Choice: Should pay close attention to capture to expend safeguard fixed number of year

On nowadays market little danger is congener the product is numerous, how should consumer choose after all? Professional personage warns customer, although product very much the same, but in some way or somewhat difference, accordingly, the expert reminds should pay close attention to fixed number of year of the safeguard that pay fee to reach the clause that return profit mainly.

For example, of restful insurance " century angel is little be satisfactory to both sides is safe " , capture is expended period it is 10 years respectively, 15 years, mix 20 years hand in 4 kinds to 18 years old; 5 years are added to hand in cost period when foreign currency is bought. Safeguard fixed number of year is lifelong. And letter sincere " accompany you Tong Hang be satisfactory to both sides is safe (share out bonus) " , pay cost did not secure fixed number of year, from buy age to stop to 15 years old, safeguard period stops to 25 years old.

Remind: It is profitless to protect the forehead to have limitation is bought more

Little danger and global trade kind birthday risk is the biggest lie differently to be restricted at keeping the specified number.

As we have learned, wait for city of a few oversize besides Guangzhou, buy little of danger of share out bonus highest protect what the forehead can achieve 100 thousand yuan to keep the specified number, in some places every little buy danger of share out bonus to keep the specified number highest can achieve 50 thousand yuan only, accordingly, professional personage suggests to cast before protecting parents to buy guarantee slip, must see well the limitation that keep the specified number, be being bought more otherwise also is profitless.

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