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Expect to hand in strong danger to be in what anniversary begins in oppugning so
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According to investigation shows, 4862 there is 91 in sufferring the person that visit. The person of 65% thinks to make strong narrow pass is a burden, have 8 only. The person of 35% considers as safeguard.   

And in the light of think to hand in strong danger to answer capture in the investigation with how many reasonable ability, 5092 suffer the person that visit to have 48. The person of 04% considers as 500 yuan the following, 42. The person of 87% thinks to should cancel, have 0 only. The person of 65% thinks to be able to be in 1000 yuan of above.

China protects inspect to meet news spokesman Yuan Li expressed a few days ago, after July 1, the meeting that keep watch will announce those who hand in strong danger to carry out a year to come to manage data, may be opposite according to the circumstance hand in rate of strong danger cost to make adjust.

As our country first risk that pursues compulsively is planted, handed in strong danger to arouse very big controversy since the day that carry out, high cost rate, tall intermediary, unaccountable compensate paid people the central point of doubt. Face the coming change after executing a year, hand in strong danger to will move toward He Fang to become the heat that people pays close attention to again henceforth.

Controversy points to 3 focuses

In the numerous doubt of strong to handing in danger, cost of representative of high cost rate, intermediary pays high with unaccountable compensate make a central point, right " sudden huge profits says " doubt is most intense.

Beijing head believes Sun Yong of attorney office solicitor to think, the cost rate that pays strong danger is in on average 1000 yuan of above. At present our country motor vehicle retains the quantity is 1. 4.8 billion, by conservative figure 100 million are calculated, should cast only protect rate achieve 80% , the insurance cost income that makes strong narrow pass every year can achieve 80 billion yuan. Make strong narrow pass highest compensate Fu Wei 60 thousand yuan, belongings compensate pays have 2000 yuan only, compensate has paid low. According to the statistic of the Ministry of Public Security, compensate pays the specified amount highest and annual also have 17.7 billion yuan or so only, after deducting taxes, administration fee, poundage again, be put in many yuan 400 " sudden huge profits " .

Entrust intermediary orgnaization to begin in the light of insurance company make strong danger professional work the poundage of 4% , sun Yong thinks, if press,make strong narrow pass annual insurance cost income is calculated 80 billion yuan, the intermediary poundage that extracts every year from which is in 3.2 billion yuan of above, as about the same as the compensatory specified number that is used every year at medical treatment charge. And the risk that imposes compulsively as is planted, insurance company is completely OK oneself will assume collect the job.
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