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Compensate of manage of danger of the car that defeat solution " 4 big key "
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One of key: The space that judge caustic is too large

★ of ★ of ★ of ★ of dangerous index ★

Description: With respect to an automobile glass character, the vitreous some of the factory is as high as 7000 multivariate, and the glass that deputy factory produces is controlled 1000 yuan only, the space that judges caustic is very large.

Harm: The member that decide caustic does not do the business that sustain losses in business absolutely, inside and outside takes deduct a percentage from a sum of money, hapless is a car advocate.

Remind: A maintenance group public figure expresses, discretion of the price that decide caustic is mastered by insurance company. Of a Sangdana hind bumper is bumped into ten centimeters a lacquer, 200 yuan of money supply with respect to enough part lacquer, the space that judges caustic is very large.

Of key: Manage compensate records a disorder

★ of ★ of dangerous index ★

Description: After be or get out of danger, forehead of compensate of the manage on the computer record of intermediary of 4S inn, insurance, insurance company is ceaseless and elevatory. High grade client becomes inferior client.

Harm: Inn of intermediary, 4S and insurance company clerk 3 person cheat together protect. Camera bellows operation, of damage besides insurance company, still have a car advocate financial condition.

Remind: At present is not little car advocate after be or get out of danger, compensate of calm caustic, manage, maintenance is in completely 4S inn, what go out obviously is little risk, intermediary and insurance company clerk make a holiday together, little risk becomes big risk, small manage compensate turns big put in order into compensate, the profit of 4S inn came out, intermediary and insurance clerk also can get benefit from 4S inn. Some 4S inn pays the specified amount to enlarge compensate, even the car advocate the car leaves to undertake baleful collision to the outside, small long become overhaul.

Of key: Project of little newspaper maintenance decides caustic amount to lean " relation " do calm

★ of ★ of ★ of ★ of dangerous index ★

Description: Car advocate dissatisfactory to deciding caustic amount, the member that decide caustic normally can give a car advocate acceptance: Repairing inn can tear open check to you, repair to moment upkeep with respect to compensate how many.

Harm: The car after repairman most can tell you to tear open check is done not have how old illness, want changed a replacement originally, repair very likely for be economical long finish sth. Morning paper reminds: The amount that decide caustic often car advocate peace the focus of insurance company controversy. Face this kind of situation, the car basically rejects to sign on the sheet that decide caustic, and ask strongly be maintained to factory of normal vehicle maintenance and repair.
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