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Car danger market is much " trap " buy " formula " look careful
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What buy obviously is " protect completely " , car glass is broken however cannot compensate; Insurance risk is planted bought many, more or less didn't oneself need however, a lot of cars advocate report is current car danger market has a lot of " trap " . Risk of risk of car of the discovery after the reporter is interviewed is planted various, car advocate before buying, must see well.

Car advocate buy danger doubt much

Article gentleman bought an auspicious car 2006, produced an accident on April 5 this year, the car bumps to the baluster of roadside, car head damage is serious. Article gentleman repaired a car to spend 13 thousand multivariate, pacific Ocean insurance company did manage compensate to the car of article gentleman subsequently, but the amount of manage compensate has more than yuan 7600 only.

When article gentleman says to buy insurance at that time, an insurance that insurance company recommends, weigh this " formula " can cover size accident basically. Spent 5330 yuan to buy then, but gave accident insurance company now compensate pays 7600 yuan, go up with car danger sheet make clear forehead of highest manage compensate to not agree with for 30 thousand yuan.

With respect to the doubt of article gentleman, the reporter interviewed tall gentleman of actuary of Pacific Ocean insurance company. Tall gentleman says, the insurance that article gentleman place buys includes motor vehicle loss danger of responsibility of the personnel on rush to deal with an emergency of pilfer of insurance of liability of a third party of safe, motor vehicle, whole vehicle, car and danger of spontaneous combustion loss, because article gentleman was not bought not plan franchise danger, so insurance company compensate 80 % , odd 20 % are in charge of by him party, article gentleman repairs cost 13 thousand yuan to have 8000 only multivariate belong to manage compensate limits.

Like article gentleman, this year on January 25, miss Yin was bought " protect completely " park of Yi Lan spy lies fallow by Yu Yuan in big talk Changwei before the guild hall, hind car window is bungled to crack by headroom dropping content, but the car that staff member of Chinese restful insurance company calls Yin the young lady is absent do not grant in insurance limits compensate pays.

Staff member of restful insurance company explains China, miss Yin buys at that time " protect completely " include danger of car loss danger, responsibility of a third party and rush to deal with an emergency of whole vehicle pilfer 3 danger are planted, alone without glass broken danger, ms. Yin glass is bungled to crack limits of not reasonable compensate by headroom dropping content inside.

Insurance company

Should inspect individual circumstance to buy danger

Branch of Hainan of Pacific Ocean insurance company tells a reporter about the staff member, car advocate the situation that buys car danger to should use car according to the individual, can consider to buy like the person that valuable often is placed on the car carry article responsibility risk along with the car; Be like often the car of travel rainwater much a section of a highway advocate can consider ford loss risk; The car is new increased equipment to be able to consider to buy add equipment loss risk newly; If be special type car or van can sign clause of engage by special arrangement of car caustic franchise with insurance company.
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