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The phone sells fall of line of defence of strange Nuo of strong impact horse co
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Look like market of quiet Chengdu car danger for a time, roll out because of what phone car danger sells pattern continuously, already will in former days the car danger of indestructible " Ma Jidu line of defence " -- , 7 fold make be broken through easily.

A few days ago, the meeting that keep watch issued license plate of sale of first pieces of phone, safe money danger acquires home a place difficult of access of first phone car is exclusive product, wait for sale of the line on 29 cities in Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu. Its expend rate and traditional channel photograph to compare, want low 15 % of 10 % ~ .

Case of 6 convert into money pounds car danger market

Chengdu car advocates the young lady is mirrorred to the reporter last week, she receives the car danger of restful insurance clerk to market a phone recently, saying is to pass a phone to sell a place difficult of access that buy a car continuously, it is cheap to can compare other place 15 % , "My triumphant jump over HRV, 4S inn and danger of car of business of other insurance company hit lowest to me 7 fold, add hand in strong danger 9 fold, total quoted price is in 4000 yuan of above, but the quoted price that gives me in safety is 3617 yuan, how can you differ so big? Be to say lowest of commercial car danger can be hit only 7 fold? Be to say lowest of commercial car danger can be hit only 7 fold??

According to the clew of Miss Zhang, reporter immediately undertook seeking testimony to restful insurance and partial 4S inn with client identity, the phone with restful discovery sells car danger to be in with the price that under traditional channel 10 % control really continuously sale. It is with the new car HRV that was last year and POLO exemple, danger of HRV restful car sells the quote of channel to be 3617 yuan continuously, 4S inn gave out the quote of two companies: It is the person protects 4032 yuan respectively, restful 4128 yuan; And the quoted price that POLO sells channel continuously in safety is 3631 yuan, the quote that 4S inn gives out is 4190. In light of the quote that gives out from two cars, the quoted price that sells channel to give out continuously wants under traditional channel 10 % above, be equivalent to with 6 fold in the sale.

Is the breakthrough restricted to fold make whether be violated compasses?

As a result of " price war " , since 2003, car risk business of home is immersed in the mire of entire trade deficit. In July 2006, the meeting that keep watch to restrain the competition do not have foreword of car danger market, roll out " be restricted to fold your " -- , all car danger products that produce risk company to will be managed henceforth can be hit only at most 7 fold. This year April, insurance begins to implement the clause of industry car danger of new edition and cost rate again, main car risk cost rate gives unified. Around sets twice, make the car danger of each insurance company has not differred on the price 100 come yuan.
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