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8 big keywords let insurance manage compensate become simple
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The heart when a lot of people are buying insurance puts doubt, among them a main reason is afraid discomfort encounters when insurance manage compensate. If why deal with manage compensate smoothly? Country graceful of graceful of king of commissioner of senior customer service sums up Tai Renshou, generally speaking, pass 8 keywords, can grasp the point that gains service of compensate of insurance company manage roughly.

NO.1 brand
The manage compensate service that policy-holder may obtain does not cut ability to begin then from what should apply for manage compensate, however from cast protect that to rise to be decided momently. Accordingly, policy-holder is being cast carefully collect needs before protecting the information of each insurance company, serve the evaluation of character respect about the company especially, this is quite important. Whether can concern obtain good service in after the event with its, be inferior to from it is good to choose a brand at the beginning, the company with good public praise undertakes casting protecting.

NO.2 clause
When policy-holder obtains insurance contract, must read among them article carefully, must not early its lay aside and neglect, the insurance liability that the clerk before policy-holder needs to examine this alertly introduces is listed to be in the clause by detailed ground, the responsibility that makes clear in the contract additionally exempts item also cannot oversight. It is after all when application of policy-holder after the event, insurance company can is opposite only that share responsibility of the accept insurance in the contract undertakes manage compensate.

Additional, policy-holder still ought to understand, if be in 10 days when receive a contract in if be being protected to the clause resents and be being retreated, insurance company will be returned return policy-holder whole insurance gold; But if exceeded this time limit, be about to deduct a series of charge, it is to comparative to policy-holder not of be to one's profit.

NO.3 is informed
Policy-holder was disobeyed tell obligation, often be one of the commonnest ground when insurance company makes rejecting claims decide. " insurance law " in regulation, the individual is sure to cast in policy-holder body before protecting, have tell obligation according to the facts, this that is to say, policy-holder is when the insurance contract that concludes with insurance company corresponding danger is planted, should reach oneself current body condition first state to insurance company according to the facts toward medical history already, so that let a nucleus,keep staff whether judgement accepts accept insurance or with what condition accept insurance. Can create insurance contract be no longer in force otherwise, even if produce the insurance accident inside extent of liability, insurance company need not fulfill compensate likely also to pay obligation.

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