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How look upon " cast it is difficult to protect easy claim for compensation " ?
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At present, in the media numerous conduct propaganda to insurance or review article, "Cast it is difficult to protect easy claim for compensation " it is to see all content that carry at the newspaper again and again not only, still become the popular topic that causes social attention.

Need not dare not or would not speak up, the relation all the more that lives as insurance and people job is close, cause from this about cast protect a variety of comment with claim for compensation to also begin increase. Can produce such condition, on one hand, be on guard the main function that move risk and compensation of aid of solid go by are insurance; On the other hand, most person is mixed to the difficult easy degree of claim for compensation of be or get out of danger go to the lavatory to was behaved so that care very, this also is the primary purpose that they attend insurance, natural give no cause for more criticism. Not allow hopeful is, all previous kisses in a few people cast after keeping the whole process with claim for compensation of be or get out of danger, cognizance insurance company is planted in accept insurance danger when taking insurance cost, sucking is efficient and quick really, concise and convenience, find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind making a person; Once gave an accident to do a claim for compensation to come,can be widely divergent, formalities numerous and jumbled, toll-gate is various, the operation is difficult, service vacancy, sometimes not only cannot help sb to get over a difficulty, instead without foundation is added irritated. Be based on this, media undertook reaching the other from this to this, reach by the watch in, draw inferences about other cases from one instance, those who comprehend by analogy analyse, still list a few specific example to provide evidence, go up in certain level thereby aggrandizement the public " cast it is difficult to protect easy claim for compensation " impression.

If looks objectively treat afore-mentioned conditions, at least should make judge from two levels. One of, if will be sure assimilate to a boat, so accept insurance and manage compensate are two paddle, both supplements each other, inseparable, be short of one cannot. Just think, if an idea is staring at insurance cost, even " dish is in be being thrown into basket " , height takes seriously cast protect, the client decline with all kinds of excuses of pair of occurrence claim for compensation, layer upon layer set card, try every means pays reparations less or do not grant compensate pays, two paddle that cause thrash work only only, the boat that the result can let be sure only is in place revolve, backwater not before, an any insurance company do not wish to see this. Of course, mix to insurance company from personnel of course of study as a result of oneself reason, factitious ground brings about time of protracted manage compensate, the phenomenon that cut compensate pays amount must accept a society to supervise, deadline is rectified improve. Secondly, safe solid Wu operation, cast protect and claim for compensation is put in difference really. Might as well it is nearly with person accident exemple, casting commonly original of Id of individual of test and verify needs only when protecting, fill in relevant content of the individual, the nucleus is protected without by accident hind can issue insurance policy and become effective; And the program of conduction claim for compensation and cast protect the phase is more complex than wanting many, insurant sends the postaccident outside the business to should report a case to the security authorities quickly, show the fundamental condition of the accident, maintain by insurance personnel survey whether to belong to insurance liability accident, need affirmatory loss rate to simple accident, issue proof data by function branch even to grave accident, calculate compensate to pay amount according to insurance plan devise a stratagem; The person harm accident of if happening is more serious, the person that hurt requires treatment again, that can affect time of end a case. Besides, client whether all only card that Qi Bi makes must be offerred inside formulary period also will affect manage compensate effectiveness for a given period of time directly. This shows, even if is pure for the difficult easy degree from both operation, it is to cast apparently it is difficult to protect easy claim for compensation.
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