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Cast even danger " luxuriant face about " turn wealthy person into game
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Increase a risk to ensure strength, the core competition ability that just is investment insurance is in -- in interviewing, the expert inside much name course of study all expresses: A few investment that roll out on the market at present danger is planted, have the investment redound function of guarantee slip of some of beyond the mark lay particular stress on, and risk safeguard function is in gradually desalt.   

This is an error

The fervent and ceaseless exciting investor of the stock market is worth to the expectation of capital gains, also made a person right be worried with the insurance of dovish appreciation be good at. But, cannot think of, insurance company is in this round of agitation actually investment of have the aid of insurance, saying exactly is to cast even danger -- came a luxuriant face about.

This year first half of the year, of countrywide insurance company cast even income of danger original insurance cost 9.63 billion yuan, grow 1.9 times, in and other places of Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, cast connecting income of danger insurance cost is to appear to grow compared to the same period severalfold more. Only first half of the year, the meeting that keep watch approves 11 insurance company to establish early or late cast even danger account, also crossed even Chinese birthday in July cast in joining danger market, cast without open on the market become even the insurance company of danger " rare animal " .

The danger of share out bonus that ever held in both hands via be heated up, universal a place difficult of access already was become nowadays " downfallen noble " , put in the people in the bank to won't glance not only, and get even " retreat protect " minatory.

Commutation of investment insurance leading role is such fast, let a person cannot experience the risk that associates to insurance even to ensure a function really, the standard that accept or reject has profit only. Investment insurance has made the game of wealthy person. Like falling as a rise and fall of the stock market, flounced off safe and dovish fetter cast even danger, hiding a risk likewise, cannot not prevent.

This year since June, a few individual birthday risk that contain investment function appeared again on insurance market. Causing what the market pays close attention to generally is, although they contain stronger investment function, but guarantee slip happens to coincide strengthened safeguard function, for instance: Same level keeps the specified number advocate besides danger, protect door still can be on a serious illness, be in hospital, accident harm, provide for the aged free collocation. That is to say, mode of new investment insurance is given by die gradually pay the demand during turning to maintain a life to how be satisfied.

Investment insurance one by one is counted

Press the development history of the product, insurance product component is traditional product and investment product, but no matter be traditional product or investment product, ensuring a gender just should be the characteristic with insurance the oldest product, the investment product place that its ensure a function is other does not have.
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