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The expert raises Zhao Qiaoxuan new fund to cast even danger
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Cast for the standard even the market, protection " cast civilian " interest, " investment connects insurance essence calculates a regulation " carry out formally on October 1, when new rule is carried out, each insurance company rolls out new fund to cast in succession even danger product, couplet peaceful is cosmopolitan Cheng Shijin of person life money invests concatenate insurance VUL05AA to go up formally line, favorite person life is pushed newly " Zhi Zunli money " cast even danger, life of lucky peaceful person rolls out 6 to cast by-product, jin Chengbao undertook changing waiting a moment to casting by-product nearly.

Expert introduction, casting is nearly repeatedly " life-insurance + invests " union, hold the double function that provides investment and safeguard concurrently, emphasize investing what the risk in conduct financial transactions ensures to cannot replace a gender. Answer relatively with insurance content, cast the insurance cost that connects danger product to also be divided into investment and safeguard two parts, accrual basically originates the profit that invests account, the capital in investing account is undertaken investing operating by the investment expert of insurance company. Regard the collaboration of insurance and negotiable securities, fund as the pioneering work, cast boycott life of inflation, steady gains, person by right of its nearly repeatedly safeguard, reasonable avoid the advantage such as duty, abroad maturity waits in the United States the market is very popular.

"New " where be?

Is the new fund that each company rolls out cast even danger after all " new " where be? The personage inside course of study analyses:

One, safeguard function is strengthened. According to new rule, the dead risk when individual investment connects insurance is signed and issue in guarantee slip protects the forehead to be not gotten 5% under value of guarantee slip account, and in the regulation before, demarcate risk protects the forehead to must not be 0, dead risk keeps the specified number rise, strengthened cast the safeguard function that serves as birthday danger nearly repeatedly. Not only such, new fund is cast still expanded to ensure a category nearly repeatedly, be like favorite person life " Zhi Zunli money " delay safeguard to 80 one full year of life, offer include 20 kinds of major diseases, die and accident die inside 3 heavy safeguard, highest protect the forehead to amount to 200 thousand yuan.

2, charge falls, accrual is added. New rule asks, of new generation cast must not cross even price difference of danger product business high 2 % . Of before this a lot of insurance company cast the price difference of buying and selling that set 2 % to differ to 5 % nearly repeatedly, some is as high as 8 % even. The 2nd generation that Jin Chengbao pushs newly nearly casts the price difference of buying and selling that links danger account by original 5% reduce for 2% , the generation that at the same time gold contains old client to be bought before is cast also will reduce even the price difference of buying and selling of danger 2% .
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