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How cure of look upon children is protected and children business is sure
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Little recently cure protects carry out be being ensured to countless children belt while, also aroused a few controversy, especially a lot of requirement of family planning respect is protected to ginseng of a lot of children set a threshold. The baby that oneself had been before also having many parents bought commerce to be sure, waveringly is both whether to have conflict, whether can cancel commercial insurance, according to these doubt, empty elder sister is sure with respect to children business with current little cure is protected do a simple analysis, offer reference only.

The first. Defend measure according to children cure the 2nd, children of Shenzhen census register can be enclothed basically, but children of dispute Shenzhen census register must its parents one party attends Shenzhen social security one year at least above, and the nursery school that must register in the government and middle and primary school go to school just can join protect. And the limitation that children business is sure to go to the lavatory without this.

The 2nd. Defend measure according to children cure the 4th, when inadequacy of fund of children social security pays, will adjust insurance capture to expend a standard. That is to say current and annual 75 yuan rate has at any time on the possibility of tone. The price that because this is opposite,is sure at children business its low price also is temporary. And the function of safeguard and enclothed range are not as safe as commerce.

The 3rd. Protect method thirteenth according to children cure, the is social security with medicine basic medicines and chemical reagents of charge of primary medical treatment uses drug inside catalog. Remedial effect is good, the new drug with little side effect, special medicine, entrance medicine does not guarantee range here. And at present some insurance company had rolled out the trade that restricts with medical limits without social security to be sure on the market, as it happens can make up for the inadequacy that children cure protects.

The 4th. Protect method thirteenth according to children cure, outpatient service of a serious illness includes leukaemia only, hemophiliac, aplastic anemia, malignant tumor. And the risk of children serious illness in commercial insurance ensures limits to want to compare it much.

The 5th. Defend measure according to children cure the 14th, 16 reach seventeen, of 1000 yuan of 1 above one-time medical material and numerous operation material are pressed homebred gain ground model the forehead of 90% is spent submit an expense account, without homebred gain ground model can press the price only 50% submit an expense account, perhaps submit an expense account according to fixed limitation, and children business is sure to do not have relevant limitation, if already happened, must and reasonable charge is OK compensate pays.

The 6th. Defend measure according to children cure the 18th, to safeguard of be in hospital, the basis pays a line since hospital level set: A kind 300 yuan, 2 kinds 400 yuan, 3 kinds 500 yuan, outside city 600 yuan. And at present some children business is sure to did not rise on the market pay a line, it is OK to should see a doctor to appointed hospital only compensate pays.
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