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New rule publishs danger of commercial provide for the aged will " independent f
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" business of insurance company endowment insurance runs way " come on stage, make business of commercial endowment insurance departs from inside insurance Wu, begin " independent family status " .

Eve, protect inspect to meet relevant personage introduce, will build the individual old-age pension that delays plan of duty business endowment insurance or government to approbate to plan, consider to develop an index to connect model product, change the forehead gives pay model product and the combination that offer safeguard at the same time for domestic member live and live finally annuity product.

As we have learned, our country will consult system of American eligible pension delays duty pension plan and British individual annuities mediumly to plan, build delay duty business endowment insurance to plan a product to have the individual account type that accumulates completely insurance product, organization and individual can become policy holder, individual pay cost extends tax inside limitation, individual income tax is imposed when getting.

In the meantime, commercial endowment insurance also will begin to study the index is concatenate model product, rise in value of its account fund gives birth to vivid crucial index link up with with certain influence dweller normally, like some year period rate of national debt index, stock market index, inflation and dweller consumption index, basically fluctuate to avoid interest rate or inflation is exorbitant bring about annuities effective increase rate drops; Change the forehead gives product paying a gender is to be in after insurant reachs the age that get, individual account is not shut, remaining sum of capital of partial individual account continues to invest appreciation; Live jointly and live finally annuity is a family through a piece of guarantee slip many members provide safeguard at the same time.

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