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Car danger compensate how many " standard " said to calculate
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2000 yuan of the following spare parts decided damage level try out on October 15

Car danger is dispute of compensate of belongings danger manage most centralized danger is planted, deciding caustic difference among them is numerous car more advocate the focus with insurance company dispute. Beijing protects Liu Yuelin of assistant of inspect bureau director to disclosed a few days ago, for compensate of manage of normative car danger, car danger decides caustic to be about to publish uniform standard; And be in subsequently on October 15, the spare parts of partial car danger that by Beijing belongings insurance industry makes decides damage level to begin try out, beijing is all insurance company is common to 10 old series model, 2000 yuan of the following spare parts will implement unified calm caustic and compensatory standard.

Car danger decides caustic to unite a standard to be necessary

In process of compensate of car danger manage, the size of car loss rate is said to calculate by insurance company, but insurance company " become an athlete already ump member " , ensure hard just. Although at present had insurance company to introduce " official estimate company " decide caustic as tripartite, but because force of company of a lot of official estimate is only force is small, want to depend on insurance company to live, accordingly, accomplish hard also true " just " . Usually, contradictory result insurance company decides caustic on the low side, repair a factory or indemnity cannot be satisfied is the service call of policy-holder expect, more high-grade car encounters such problem more easily.

Current, be in our country " insurance law " in reaching provision of most insurance contract, do not have a regulation to must decide caustic by insurance company, also do not have uniform compensatory standard. Standard of compensate of manage of domestic insurance company all by each company self-ordained, the prices branch of each district also does not have limitation to this. Such, car advocate the standard that differs with respect to each for private use with insurance company will determine loss rate. Everybody cannot accept condition of the other side as a result, cannot solve a problem. Although have a car advocate shape accuses insurance company, collect evidence is quite troublesome also, often chose to abandon.

On the other hand, the in-house personnel that still has a few insurance company and socially illegal element collude, the forehead rises to spend when deciding caustic, with obtain interest, the interest of company of insurance of damage, also harmed the interest of policy-holder secondhand. Accordingly, establish standard of unified calm caustic, maintenance, conduce to market of normative car danger.

Spare parts decides caustic to unite standard foretaste to go

Danger of comprehensive and unified car decides caustic to involve a lot of aspects, difficulty is very great, accordingly, more spare parts is involved to decide damage level to lead foretaste to go in manage compensate. From this month 15 days rise, beijing is all insurance company measures older 10 old series to retaining tens of model, begin to implement unified calm caustic and compensatory standard. It is reported, "Uniform standard " enclothed model has this Ao Di A6, field the elegant cabinet, Jun Wei that fasten a gram, Yilante, nimble is amounted to, Sangdana. The content that decide caustic basically includes spare parts price and man-hour of partial lowest maintenance to expend two parts. Among them, spare parts is the price is in 2000 yuan entirely the following commonly used, wait like lid of around bumper, machine, door, lamps and lanterns, viewfinder, specific the manufacturer home that reached to differ. Because run quickly, the spare parts price of the high-grade model such as BMW is major prep above 2000 yuan standard, because this is not this calm damage level. Lowermost man-hour cost basically involves the simple maintenance such as gold of Ban of spray paint, size, charge is with car price fiducial, differentiate for 50 thousand yuan the following, 50 thousand - 100 thousand yuan wait 7 class, highest class is 500 thousand yuan of above. Additional, according to Introduction Liu Yuelin, beijing is executed " accident of motor vehicle traffic handles way quickly " hind, time of compensate of car danger manage shortens greatly. Now two cars barge against, no matter be complete duty the accident of accident or coequal responsibility, need to deal with calm caustic to an insurance company only can. In the process of conduction manage compensate, a few not important material had simplified unified, remain 8 only. And after producing home remedy accident, police station, house appoint can open prove this skill add also simplifies.
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