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Official of the meeting that keep watch discloses the fraudulent action with bel
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On October 25 afternoon, china opposes trade net of net of middleman and guarantor of con net combination, people net, sina finance and economics, China, medium the large network media such as network of information of insurance of net of international of green net, CCTV, legal system, financial, China invites the meeting that keep watch relevant leader waits to be sponsorred jointly " make insurance truly safe " . The problem that belongings of the meeting that keep watch is sure to superintend a ministry to superintend 2 place announce to cry to deputy director general attended forum and pay close attention to with respect to the netizen disclosed the common and fraudulent action of belongings danger respect: Xuan Ming section chief says, belongings danger respect, insurance also has a few particular expression forms false, e.g. insurant intended arson, produce traffic accident intentionally on road, degree of intended exaggerated losing, forge traffic accident responsibility to maintain book and accident certificate to wait a moment; Still have repair a factory intended shoddy, enlarge amount of claim for compensation, if insurance company is unjustifiable rejecting claims, also be to attribute safe and con performance. Xuan Ming section chief thinks, everybody is buying insurance when experience is con, should seasonable to report a case to the security authorities about superintendency branch, in order to use the legitimate rights and interests that legal measure safeguards oneself. (China opposes trade con net - Liu Feng) forum detail clicks please enter: Http://

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