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Trend of next month of boat idea a place difficult of access is commercialized
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● range is wider: Insurable empty traffic of annual sea land gives an accident harm a place difficult of access

● danger plants a lot of: The journey studies abroad outside accident danger, condition or work to wait nearly

Go out the passenger of excurse knows boat meaning risk, 20 yuan of insurance cost, 400 thousand yuan of compensate pay, but protect period be confined to fall since this taken scheduled flight between. Rose on December 1 this year, aviation accident insurance (the following abbreviation " boat idea a place difficult of access " ) will leave these two mark sex numbers that did not change nearly 5 years, the trend is commercialized. New boat meaning risk no longer plane of bureau be confined to, still can cover a variety of vehicle annual such as highway, railroad to give the contingency danger feeling of travel.

   Next month rises, boat idea a place difficult of access commercializes the trend

Reporter yesterday anew Zheng International Airport know, according to China the meeting that keep watch allotted recently " the announcement that governs concerned matter about strengthening aviation accident insurance " regulation, since December 1, 2007, the industry directiveness article that the beginning of the year began to execute 2003 is abolished, product of boat idea a place difficult of access develops authority and price authority to give insurance company reassign, this means the boat meaning risk that long-term forestall runs to commercialize the trend.

  Can cast for much person protect, still but oneself are cast on the net protect

The reporter interviews know of company of deep boat Zhengzhou subsequently, since next month, of a place difficult of access of their boat idea replace a product to be short-term and accident danger, its sex price compares a place difficult of access of outclass boat idea, the restful vehicle that if be the passenger place when often taking the vehicle such as plane, train, car technically,provides is accident injury insurance, insurance cost has 10 yuan to protect a month to protect 1 year to protect a year to differ with 250 yuan to 50 yuan.

If,particular insurance liability points to policy-holder namely the passenger is mixed in the train that takes use of battalion of civil aviaton plane, commerce, ship accident harm was sufferred during the car that takes commercial battalion use with passenger capacity, of the 180 inside day die since the day that produces from the accident from policy-holder and deformity, by the accident that insurance company agrees by its and our company injury insurance amount is given pay " gold of insurance of accident harm die " .

The insurance cost outside taking plane happening idea among them all pays 400 thousand yuan for his compensate, and his compensate pays the train and ship happening accident 200 thousand yuan, car contingency is everybody 20 thousand yuan; If you are cast,protect 250 yuan protect a year, that aviation accident appreciates to pay 2 million yuan for his compensate nearly, the train and ship compensate pay 1 million yuan, car compensate pays 100 thousand yuan, the passenger can choose to ensure the forehead to spend independently, insurance period is restricted and rise keep time, can cast for much person protect, at the same time become effective, still can go up in the net oneself are cast protect. This to often the passenger that official business is away on official business compares be to one's profit undoubtedly, above should exceed 2 times by plane inside 1 year only, the boat meaning risk that this insurance product defends 400 thousand yuan than buying 20 yuan every time is more substantial.
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