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Cast it is more important to establish professional sale channel nearly repeated
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"Do cast even, we do not believe procuratorial service actual strength " , sweden this of can inferior (a of i of d of n of S k a ) Andexun of president of communal insurance limited company (s of H a n - n of o of s of s of r of e of d of n of A of k of E r i ) mood is calm, "This of can inferior hold to such viewpoint in global market, be in China also is such. Be in China also is such..

Install heart abdicate citing: The Germany 10 years ago is similar today's China, insurance sale is given priority to with procuratorial channel, but factual proof result is bad, "This of can inferior obstinate all the time ground holds to this. "This of can inferior obstinate all the time ground holds to this..

Investing concatenate danger is the birthday danger product of a kind of high end, its development needs sale staff of high end, this is well-known fact. But, since it since be born 10 come for years, investing concatenate danger to be able to be sold in order to carry channel of insurance sale agent is a global popular topic however. In the East Asia market that includes China inside, think " can " voice is quite resonant, many birthday risk companies also ever " easy " the ground has been operated or " easy " the ground is being operated.

Undoubted, this cold language of An Dexun can let be being rolled out not less with procuratorial channel throw the Chinese birthday narrow pass that connects 2 generation more or less does the company suffer bit of stimulation. But have one above criticism: To coming first China Andexun, this word is not blow cool wind of purpose, send really however from the heart.

Since 20 century 90 time begins to manage investment since concatenate insurance business, this of can inferior gradually from the traditional insurance company that with money danger and accident danger give priority to one, rapid development becomes the global company that investing side of deposit insurance product to have banner place today.

This of can inferior Guan Wenbai of Asia-Pacific area CEO (g of r of e of b of o of M of r of a of n of G u n ) introduce, 2000, this of can inferior become the whole world to invest the company with the biggest portfolio of concatenate insurance domain. On global market, through selling business with independent branch, include firm of adviser of bank, stockjobber, conduct financial transactions to wait, and manage a person with fund coact, innovate in order to offer, the finance of world-class serves, be this of can inferior the distinctive way that business of product of long-term investment deposit is run and runs way.

The insurance agent mode that introduced chinese mainland by friendly nation 1992 was Chinese insurance to make not small contribution, enlarged the interface of insurance product and client effectively. Nevertheless as insurance Wu expand, in be sure to sell a process, the problem of sex of a few system begins to appear, the sale that appears in great quantities for example member misdirect client phenomenon, make at present whole insurance confronts trustful crisis. To the end of 2002, our country gets those who protect attestation of danger agent qualification to already had 1.2 million person, however, while procuratorial team expands ceaselessly, their quality and quality did not rise accordingly however, drop somewhat even. A research to Shanghai shows: In insurance agent, be out of job reach personnel of come off sentry duty to occupy 91 % , high school and the following record of formal schooling occupy 80 % .
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