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Accident insurance guarantees special trade
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Certain and special industry is not can buy picture of insurance CFP data of one's own accord
Since July, raid together alarm a case, heavy conflagration, 6 polices and officers and soldiers of 3 fire control die young, the protruding of tall danger risk of special industry shows. The value of life cannot be measured with money, but it is a bit good that money can let their family live at least.
The backside of misfortune of social service personnel is involved in two, insurance company figure appears suddenly. Peace and tranquility is safe, the relative of fire control officers and soldiers that this week has sacrificed to 3 paid gross compensation of 600 thousand yuan accident danger death, and safe money danger already paid brushstroke accident danger compensation to relative of an officers and soldiers inside fire accident a week. The person protects health to be raided to 6 brake north alarm the compensation that the victim family member of the case paid nearly 180 thousand yuan. After two incident pass, the compensatory amount of Shanghai insurance industry is close to 1 million yuan.
It is reported, bureau of Shanghai fire control is cast in branch of Shanghai of too smooth insurance protected peace and tranquility not to have injury insurance of concern group accident. After accident happening, chief decides the green that start manages quickly at once related branch of Shanghai of too smooth insurance compensate passageway, the compensate of go ahead of the rest of fire control officers and soldiers that dies at his post to 3 pays and sum compensate pays insurance gold everybody is 200 thousand yuan, 13 fireman that are wounded to the middle of this second rush to deal with an emergency at the same time serve condolatory gold, in order to express the respect to them.
Well-known, fire control industry is the industry of high risk, shanghai has had on business of officers and soldiers of 4 fire control to die at one's post this year. This year in May, the case of insurance manage compensate that peace and tranquility was sure to already handled firemen on business another case to die at one's post. It is reported, branch of Shanghai of too smooth insurance is bureau of Shanghai fire control to provide comprehensive insurance service since 2006, the special risk that considers take office employment and service demand, come two many years insurance of peace and tranquility insists to serve for the firefighter with fast and convenient manage compensate from beginning to end.
In peace and tranquility insurance is collective of officers and soldiers of 3 fire control before reparations, the relative of Comrade Shi Jianhua that safe money danger already died at his post to on business of detachment of fire control of public security of Shanghai chemical industrial district sent insurance compensation.
According to insurance company interior the personage discloses, bureau of fire control is in city unites insurance besides, this year June, this detachment still was officers and soldiers to buy restful and accident injury insurance in safe money danger. Because this Shi Jianhua's relative can be obtained,come from compensate of two insurance company to pay.
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