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Area of insurance sale area watchs discuss insurance to promote from humanitaria
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Talk about insurance from humanitarian angle, the essence human nature and expectation of safe substaintial achieve mastery through a comprehensive study of the subject cause the other side to ponder over insurance to the product is promoted effectively and raise citizen insurance consciousness to need significant step to the attention of oneself life and weighty

Buy insurance product, it is precautionary risk constitutionally, namely: In case encounter a risk, insurance can lower the risk the minorrest rate. This kind of feature of insurance product, any commodity are not had.

Get to the bottom of sth traces to the source, when the hundred Englishman year ago is engaged in maritime freight, often encounter the accident of the sea. Face cannot beforehand the sea risk of appraise, people unites, pay money composition saves oneself meeting, once encounter a risk when, everybody carries the small number of people's loss in all, make the small number of people's loss falls thereby the smallest, this is safe rudiment.

No matter angle looks from which, a kind when safe form Chengdu was full of human spy to have in all difficult in all the strong humanitarian drive of aid. Be a kind of such humanitarian spirit, a kind of essence that just showed human society is civilized.

But, examine current insurance market, most person did not understand the intention of postmortem insurance product from humanitarian angle. Be in especially commercialize during transferring today, insurance product serves as a kind of commercialized product, the commercial market character that people often pays close attention to insurance product itself overly is sure namely the market of the product accepts rate, magnify the market function of insurance product indefinitely, narrow among them humanitarian consideration however and even to without.

The generation of this kind of phenomenon is run way with what at present the product of insurance company promotes inseparable. For instance, arrive from the vocational training of insurance company of insurance product strong promote, from the success from reject to begin to be waited a moment to business sprint, we can clearly ground pry gives its track.

Be the market sale means of these aggressive that ignore humanitarian spirit, brought about our country insurance to develop a few malady in the process, for instance: Insurance already had history of 12 years in China, but why is people returned to safe acknowledge up to now so peripheral? Since insurance agent is the angel of love, is to where the position in people memory is returned from that grade down?

Through development of 12 years, why be sure can be business still done harder and harder? Probably we can find out all sorts of reason: Structural adjustment of such as product, insurance company increased administrative strength to wait a moment. But these reason are insufficient, perhaps say be become apparent.

The author thinks: Artificially intermittence ground is excited market of exploitation China insurance, of the humanitarian consciousness that oversight despises a Chinese even reclaim, what can bring about compatriots insurance consciousness to grow necessarily is slow.
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