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Sincere letter sale just can be linked together with client heart heart
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Bag musical instrument of 55 years old is beautiful this year, joined restful insurance company 1998, it is branch of Shanghai of restful person life now downwind director of business department business, was judged to be countrywide height elite to be able to exhibit industry expert 2003, was seleted club of diamond of restful insurance company continuously up to now in March 2003, be judged to be the whole nation this year " star of 10 big insurance " be in Beijing gloriously people congress hall is accepted commend.
Sincere letter is the soul of birthday danger sale. 6 years the much career that exhibit property makes Bao Qinxiu experiences the invisible force of sincere letter, boundless fortune truly. Complain for 0 clients up to now rate, she finished the job that finishs almost impossibly. She says, build the sale on sincere letter foundation only, ability and photograph of client heart hand are pulled, benign and as interactive as outstanding achievement. So she is attached most importance to with client interest from beginning to end, sincere letter is this, character is first. The client's satisfaction already made the pursuit of her lifetime, and scatter love to the client, it is the greatest pleasure of her life more.
Look in Bao Qinxiu, make assurance, it is to be an upright person above all. Oneself should have " think more for others " common heart, be client consider sincerely just is the truest. The basis is completely when so she is designing guarantee slip for the client economic atmosphere of different object, diverse demand, family and bear a variety of elements such as ability, the characteristic of product of introduction of comprehensive bona fide, right that guarantees limits and client and obligation, discuss completely with the client patiently, make client " buy insurance for nothing obviously " . A client put forward to want to buy 100 thousand yuan of guarantee slip that keep the specified number last year, dan Baoqin show gave him to design 50 thousand yuan to keep the specified number only according to the actual condition of his home. Because she considers in pairs of husband and wife is in together a benefit not very good business works, the child small, the insurance premium that wants capture 20 years, she fears they can produce capture expend difficulty in the future. "Making assurance is not the Qian Yue that close has been jumped over more, should see a client what need really however " , bao Qinxiu says so. As expected, she receives the telephone call of this client this year, say oneself already come off sentry duty, say to thanksed to last year 50 thousand yuan are bought to keep the specified number only if listening to her, still do not know how to do otherwise.
"Would rather client loses me, I lose a client anything but " , this is the basic principle that Bao Qinxiu is an upright person. Sincere letter is this, be kind to a client, using the real situation to be changed the client is trustfully is the target that she struggles. Because did not see franchise clause sign sheet,she has a client that works in army hospital, but after be or get out of danger, insurance company rejecting claims, the client has a view very much to insurance company. Bao Qinxiu manages to client preach on one hand, on one hand him dig down gave opposite party 1200 yuan (this number is normal manage compensate deserved) , the client feels accident already at that time very compunctious, be determined not to agree to receive this next fund. The following day the client still calls to say to her: "This is not your fault, the likelihood is at that time it is clear that he did not listen, because be written on the clause obviously for nothing, I got your mind, have you so the clerk that respects property, the commitment that makes on insurance contract book to the best of my belief will get cashing certainly henceforth. " did not think of this thing is in army hospital very quickly get about, the person that seeks her to buy guarantee slip is increasing also.
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