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Look from difference of danger yield age produce danger individual sale to devel
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[Summary] at present, produce business of danger individual sale to grow rate not as good as birthday danger. Because produce birthday danger to be in,this is of insurance mark, the respect existence difference such as profit of product mechanism, insurance, individual sale system was restricted to be sure in belongings on certain level the development of the market. Choose correctly and hold market of individual sale target, it is the premise that produces success of danger individual sale, healthy progress, produce danger individual sale to should be dug protect a source newly, widen new market, open adds business newly, enhance actual strength of insurance company whole. In addition, business of development individual sale has certain exterior requirement even. Sale member team construction, affecting the progress that produces professional work of danger individual sale directly, should good choose close, build complete sale to groom system, build reasonable drive and fall into disuse mechanism, proper raise poundage. Accelerate the danger that suits individual sale to plant development, it is the decisive segment that development produces danger individual sale, plant nearly development should special attention is dispersive sexual business and omnibus danger are planted, enlarge service limits, those who enhance insurance premium but expanding.

Begin as the deep person of individual sale business, insurance cost of danger of our country birthday grows continuously with higher rate. Current, 80% what individual sale business has achieved income of insurance cost of business of whole life risk. By comparison, the development rate that produces professional work of danger individual sale not as good as birthday danger. Now, produce otherwise of danger individual sale to want to do, can do, not be a problem any more, the key is how to do well, expression is: Produce danger individual sale to be able to be done how old, how to get development. Want to answer these questions, the difference that analyses risk yield age first perhaps can have inspire.

One, the difference of danger yield age

(One) the difference of insurance mark

Of the insurance mark with safe person is the person's life and body, product of all birthday danger is around " individual " make an issue of, what market birthday danger product so is technical the demand will be a few lower than producing danger product, sale personnel is mixed in common sense of understanding insurance knowledge, law a few simple medicine knowledge, repass short-term grooms before hillock, after the clause of familiar and relevant product, can begin to have sale of individual birthday danger.

And of the insurance mark with safe belongings is belongings reach its to concern a benefit. The items of the mark that place of property insurance product ensures is various, than the more complex diversity of birthday danger mark, promote consequently produce danger product to be able to involve more relevant knowledge commonly, divide similar outside the relevant knowledge that promotes need of place of birthday danger product, the commonnest knowledge that still has all sorts of car, shipping, machine equipment and the side such as financial, climate, building, project, and the still is put in a value to evaluate course that produces danger mark, taller to the salesperson's requirement. In our country existing condition falls, single sale staff is not the level that can reach separate sale. If hold feel embarrassed to spend big risk to plant to a few technologies,pursue individual sale blindly, perhaps can acquire fair market share temporarily to insurance company, but its compensate pays rate also can increase greatly, this can affect the management stability of insurance company necessarily. In practice, our country mainland allows domestic property insurance and motor-driven car insurance to use individual sale means to sell only at present, stem from the consideration of personnel quality just about.
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