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The car makes over guarantee slip to must be corrected via insurance company
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In recent years, two handcart trade more and more active. Compare with photograph of several yuan two handcart price, two handcart are not sure to cross thousands of yuan, when car is made over, some cars advocate dozen fold or flat give the car a place difficult of access with two accessary handcart. because such, the car danger with two accessary handcart often by oversight of two handcart buyers and sellers, once produce traffic accident, insurance issue gives two handcart the car advocate bring potential huge risk.

Safe not change the name of owner in a register by rejecting claims

This year Feburary, mr Li cost 100 thousand yuan to buy a car from two handcart market, deal with car to trade after formalities, mr Li plans to be free to deal with insurance change the name of owner in a register to register again. Cannot think of, namely so one neglect, together abrupt and the traffic accident that come makes its regret unceasingly, because his manage compensate requests,be rejected by insurance company.

Two handcart make over the accessary car danger in the process to include to hand in strong danger and the danger that commercial car differs two kinds nearly to plant commonly, the compensate after be being made over to two handcart pays, each insurance company has a few different compensate to pay a principle.

Resemble Mr Li such circumstance, make strong danger part should can win compensation from most insurance company.

The view inside insurance is, handing in what strong danger ensures is the interest of the 3rd person beyond this car personnel, insurant, fasten a place difficult of access of social security sex that law provides forcibly to plant, those who be aimed at is specific car is cast protect, the car inside policy period of efficacy advocate change does not affect safe effectiveness, hand in even if of strong risk policy of insurance to was not corrected consequently, insurance company also should assume insurance responsibility.

But this still is put inside domestic insurance open to question, partial insurance company does not agree with this kind of view, they think, hand in strong danger to also must be passed correct, otherwise the company is compensation of reject a complaint, because drive,this is the person differs, the risk is different also.

The circumstance of commercial car danger is more unified, unavailable commerce ensures Mr Li safely. According to the motor-driven car clauses of domestic insurance company, almost all clause all has a regulation: Inside insurance period of efficacy, insurance car resell, make over, give other, change utility or raise dangerous rate, insurant ought to written announcement insurance company applies for to deal with correct, otherwise insurance company has authority to reject to compensate for.

So, when consumer is buying two handcart, had better want to ask primary vehicle clear advocate whether to cast protected make strong danger and commerciality car narrow pass, if the other side is cast,protected, and it is as before inside period of efficacy, answer to deal with car danger in time to change procedures, if the other side was not cast,protect, should complement in time safe, lest encounter " insurance vacuum " , once send,give birth to an accident otherwise, what be damaged finally still is a car advocate oneself.
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