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Insurance sale system brews " fission "
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Everyday early in the morning, miss Li should be driven toward Chongqing new China insurance company attends morning to meet, latter nevertheless her mood and before some are different. Because oneself are new China the formal worker of insurance representative company, can enjoy with the company the labor with regular pattern of _ of personnel of other internal or office work was ensured. And the change of this kind of identity occurs in likewise new China insurance company Kunming and Chongqing two ground are all and safe on procuratorial body.

New China safe " eat crab "

Mixed 12 days on July 9, insurance company is in new Chinese birthday early or late Yunnan and Chongqing two ground hang out his shingle established two insurance representative finite liability company, most those who grab an eye is, the individual business sale of branch of Kunming of birthday of former new Chinese and Chongqing branch member be come off entirely, become new China the professional salesperson of insurance representative company. Become a full member referenced index includes: The portfolio from industry fixed number of year, certain period and violate compasses record to wait. With active what system of each insurance agent differs is, new China safe agent from before with the company " business representative concerns " , turn into " the relation that recruit " , have fixed base salary, the labor contract that signs formally and the social welfare that enjoy national regulation are ensured. This still is belonged to in insurance industry first, mean the long birthday risk that 10 years pursue on Chinese insurance market procuratorial system begins to produce fission.

2003, new Chinese birthday is obtained batch hold water accuse company of broker of Hua Ding insurance. At the beginning of this year, in get China protects inspect to turn around after agreeing, the company returns namely Kunming of make choice of and Chongqing serve as reform pilot, investment held water new China insurance Kunming and Chongqing representative company, make reform of system of insurance individual sale " eat crab " person. What Sun Bing of president of new Chinese age speaks is former by be, hold water exclusive acting company is the significant move that exploration drives system of sale of Chinese birthday danger to reform, annals is making professionalism, specializationed sale team, exploration of the abidance that is line of business of Chinese birthday risk, healthy progress gives ﹁ brand-new road.

What the brim changes is procuratorial

At present the individual sale system of be current of line of business of domestic life risk, enter by safety belt of American friendly nation, make sale of birthday risk line of business advocate channel, 80% what business of at present individual already took scope of insurance cost of whole life danger. But the elapse as time, human body of representative of this kind of insurance is made more and more show malpractice.
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