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How to select birthday danger agent
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Oriental net on April 18 message: Adviser of professional conduct financial transactions tells us, the order when the choose and buy is life-insurance should be: Choose a preeminent insurance company to regard safeguard as the main body of the contract first, it is the advisory adviser that chooses an outstanding insurance agent to serve as his next, final ability is assisting next choosing procuratorially insurance product combination.

Insurance agent serves for the client, accept a client seek advice, because this needs the advisory service expenses with certain collection, also namely commission. At present level, the standard of commission of diverse procuratorial collection is same, be paid with his and professional degree concerns notIt is very big, because this is below the situation with expenses same charge, we ought to choose an outstanding, professional insurance agent to serve for oneself more.

Whether hold to long-term service

Because the client needs long-term, stable service, insurance is so procuratorial whether stand fast all the time post appears very important. In insurance, a kind of guarantee slip is called " orphan guarantee slip " , namely because of a variety of reasons, the guarantee slip that after agent leaves his post, leaves, "Orphan guarantee slip " the client often gets hard as always service.

Will tell commonly, the cause that causes agent to leave one's post has a few kinds as follows:

1. Violate compasses operation

A few agent offers insurance cost to hit to the client fold, return commission or other violate compasses act, this is removed to act as agent by insurance company likely contract. Additional, be willing to return the agent of commission to the client, often can hold in the arms " scoop up one ticket to go " state of mind.

2. The body owes beautiful or the age passes big

A body is frail, even the agent of sicken often brings long-term excellent service for the client hard. If you need to buy long-term safeguard, agent of 30 years old wants apparent excel 50 years old the agent of above.
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