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The battle of insurance sale channel in the ascendant
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As insurance company increasingly grow in quantity, market competition also is in grow in intensity. Market share did not expand apparently, new the insurance company that enter the arena should be grabbed for certain eat original market cake, as one of town of military importance of insurance company, the contention situation of insurance sale channel is in hard to avoid
Outback insurance company cannot think of, channel problem can become so intractable. This year spring, 13 insurance company begin the sale channel that contends for industrial and commercial bank to be in Beijing, and last year, beijing is versed in the insurance company of a representative has 6 only. Market share did not expand apparently, new the insurance company that enter the arena is destined to want to grab eat original market cake.
The insurance trench warfare of Beijing is prelusive only, same story is in or will continue in other bank, other area, other channel, upgrade ceaselessly.
The person that get channel gets the world
Sale channel serves as communication bridge, connecting consumer directly, connecting a businessman directly, its importance need not say oneself, insurance company realizes the value of channel early also from inside practice.
Since outback birthday danger resumed practice 1982 oneself, develop 10 years in time ever since not quite, this is concerned with big environment admittedly, but sale channel not free is main reason. After introducing sale system 1992, procuratorial not only will safe notion took an innumberable families, more pull moved insurance cost income to be climbed considerably litre. At present outback sale member had reached 1.5 million person, make a main medium of communication that sells nearly.
1997, insurance company developed a bank this channel, the sale shares out bonus kind of silver keep a product. Silver protects the great progress of business to let a person see the charm of channel again. Silver keeps interest rate of saving of the corresponding period of bank of product earnings prep above, hold a safeguard function concurrently, can attract one part investor very much. Although because invest light safeguard to suffer censure again,silver guarantees a place difficult of access of share out bonus, but face the temptation that can enlarge insurance cost dimensions quickly, be willing to abandon bank channel truly without which insurance company.
The person that get channel gets the world, new insurance company understands this especially. During the company prepares to establish, advantage begins to make sale channel with existing natural resources, prep above product develops its passion, hope to certain business scale can implement inside short time after practice, silver protects channel to be regarded as to lead to the shortcut of the market by many new insurance company. New company uses the relationship of partner and bank, in an attempt to takes the channel such as next banks, post office quickly. Be in a danger respect, new insurance company is made with outstanding sale member higher salary, rate of flow of the member that have some of place sale achieved 60% above.
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