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Life of new York person is presiding sale of sale official Kan: Bar O touchs Zi
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The United States' biggest mutual insurance company -- , life of new York person greeted 160 years to celebrate on April 12. Yesterday, standing vice president of company of international of life of new York person holds presiding sale official concurrently Lai Rong of Mr Airuike Campbell, branch of Chengdu of life of person of new York of the Er that it is the sea " beat is strong " . Hold presiding sale official concurrently to standing vice-president from an average insurance agent, working experience of 28 years makes Mr Airuike Campbell procuratorial to insurance have more right to speak, bound of reporter obtain employment and the topic that the citizen cares had a special report to its.
Procuratorial selected standard: Inside and outside has not
Write down: What kind of demand does life of new York person have in agent of American invite applications for a job?
Campbell: Lowermost record of formal schooling should be equivalent to three-year institution of higher learning, when record of formal schooling is relatively low, the working experience that is about to see applicant is sufficient. Interview when, we should see him have without sale ability. Through filling in questionnaire, he has capacity of nescient be used to in light of, have mix without successful desire profitable desire, have without deal with the ability that works for long, have without sincere letter, on finance affairs healthy wait. Selected person and apply for the scale between the number for 1: 20.
Write down: Life of person of sea Er new York is when Chengdu invite applications for a job, why to ask agent must have three-year institution of higher learning and above diploma?
Campbell: Can so explanation, life of new York person has 160 years of histories in the United States, experience can make a reserve. And life of person of sea Er new York is in China practice only two years, guarantee slip is sold in Chengdu only 4 short months, want to be underlined strictly on record of formal schooling so, waited to later sufficient experience relaxes appropriately again.
Put forward record of formal schooling to ask to be necessary to agent
Write down: China protected inspect to be able to come on stage recently " life insurance sells standard government idea " (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) , ask salesperson of birthday risk company has record of formal schooling of undergraduate course above among them, or three-year institution of higher learning has experience of two years of relevant works. You think, whether to put forward so high demand to be necessary to record of formal schooling?
Campbell: Be necessary, the requirement of this doorsill is not beyond the mark. Good education is successful foundation, offer birthday danger to serve to need especially for the client such. A lot of birthday danger products invest especially model product, it is very complex banking product, the agent that has accepted good education is mixed to the understanding of this kind of product explain ability to have safeguard more. (reporter Dong Tiangang)
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