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Xiang Caocao study heads force, yang Qun changes lion group
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The discretion of level of boss leader force has Zhang Zhaolin of the directest report on subordinate body business management seeks advice from Han Bin continent limited company general manager

In trade war, strength of competitive both sides is comparative often very delicate, one party looks be like powerful and clinking, other one party seems to be able to 't bear biff, but before you can say Jack Robinson, condition can produce complete change.

The weak can turn into overmatch, overmatch also can turn into the weak, and the leader figure that those who decide this one change is both sides. No less than lets a sheep lead a flock of lions, so this group of lions can turn into sooner or later sheep; But if let a lion lead a flock of sheep, the sheep also can become the lion sooner or later.

Xiang Caocao study heads force

A most classical " strong weak change " case happening is in the the Three Kingdoms is inchoate, namely Yuan Shao

Change with the force between Cao Cao.

What see this change trend the earliest is adviser Guo Jia of Cao Cao. Although the actual strength that he thinks Cao is held is inferior to Yuan Shao temporarily, but from long-term in light of, cao Cao can swallow Yuan Shao certainly, because " carry on has 10 to be defeated, hold 10 is get the better of " , cao Cao had an outstanding leader's necessary quality.

So he encourages Cao Cao to say: "Carry on has 10 to be defeated, communal 10 get the better of, although carry on arms is filled, insufficient dread also: Much gift of carry on numerous gift, public system holds the post of nature, this is gotten the better of also; Carry on is moved with going against, fair lead in order to arrange, this justice get the better of also; Post, since spirit, politics break Yu Kuan, carry on with wide aid, fair with fierce correct, this is treated get the better of also; Outside carry on wide inside avoid, what allow much kin, fair outside Jianneiming, choose and employ persons buts just, this degree is gotten the better of also; Carry on is sought more little definitely, the fair always that get plan goes, this is sought get the better of also; Carry on receives reputation only, fair need a person with complete sincerity, this heart is gotten the better of also; Carry on compensate is close ignore far, week of fair Lv all without exception, this Ren Sheng also; Carry on listens slander be puzzled is random, fair soak is no good, this Ming Sheng also; Carry on dispute is promiscuous, common law is strict and impartial, this article is gotten the better of also; Carry on is good the situation that it is empty, do not know arms should, fair with little gram numerous, if resort to arms is magical, this fierce is gotten the better of also. Communal this 10 get the better of,
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