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Picture the Tang Dynasty collective value is created like the monk
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University of traffic of Yu Mingyang Shanghai brings director of institute of strategy of brand of peaceful government institute, professor

In the article previously we speak of, of Chinese entrepreneur the first, 2 Xiu Lian should be the way that takes individuation and sound program time. Look in me, the 3rd Xiu Lian of Chinese entrepreneur, should be to be employee to create a joint value system.

The Tang Dynasty the monk is the ace that creates collective viewpoint of value

" on the west travel notes " medium the Tang Dynasty the ace that the monk creates collective viewpoint of value namely. " on the west travel notes " medium 4 people do not have collective value absolutely at the beginning, they are far from " one passerby " .

Look above all the Tang Dynasty monk, his state is very tall, wanting to go all the day Western Paradise go on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures, very devotional to buddhism.

Sun Wu empty at best is a very just monkey only, do not look to give him how to many have to buddhism really devotional, because be troubled by heavenly palace greatly,he is nevertheless, was sentenced " life imprisonment " , below hill of the five elements idle does not have a thing, more or less be also to stem from but. The directest proof is him the fire that be offended be about to answer beautiful fruit hill, have a the Incantation of the Golden hoop fortunately to him some are manacled.

Pig 8 give up are worse, he almost the mankind all defect collect at a suit, eat one's head off, very rambling, often thinking disband, the language that diffuse alienates, conduct is serious still profligate.

Still have sanded monk, basically also skill of it doesn't matter.

But, these 4 people still took true classics finally, what is those who lean? Those who lean is different viewpoint of value include with conformity, let all people regard go on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures as ultimate goal.

Profit impact makes clear Hunan

Actually, in poineering team, the viewpoint of value of a lot of members agrees completely impossibly, how to do? When I suggest to servantchoose a person for a job, should notice " interior is used heart, exterior with ability " . Means says, the person moral character beside leader is the mainest, ruin sth easily otherwise; Outside the market hits the person that go all out to must have ability, develop hard otherwise.

But, the defect of the person with clear advantage often also comparatives apparent, cannot mediate even, this moment, make clear profit impact Hunan is very important, regrettablly a lot of leader are done badly in this respect.

Cite a case for, 5 people make the world together, the career is done big hind, 4 people meet the others requirement manager property right clear rise, the manager often is met very grouchy, think employee wants to divide money disband, and oneself make so large contribution, did not put forward any assuming to ask.
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