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Even if,truth fact says loss income
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Wang Zhenxing, tai Renshou insurance company is in the country one of adviser of first birthday danger elite that motherland mainland exert oneself fosters. Last year, he and student of the corresponding period undertake grave sincere letter makes a pledge together, sign sincere letter to join individual of system of Shanghai individual information affirmatory book, actively sincere letter system; Their every time is rising henceforth, also meet what accompanying sincere letter respect from beginning to end groom, assessment and attestation.

Wang Zhenxing knows very well, what the client needs most is professional and the birthday danger of sincere letter is advisory. An outstanding birthday danger is advisory, not only want the insurance demand according to different client to devise the rightest person and financial safeguard plan, should provide long-term, stable service for the client more, do the postmortem that a few families ensure regularly even, the safeguard of ceaseless newer, perfect client plans. Wang Zhenxing never wishs to do any exaggerated specifications to insurance commodity, would rather oneself income has a loss, also want to make a client clear understand his rights and interests.

Once had a client, there are not social security and commercial insurance before, think what put the emphasis in conduct financial transactions of lay particular stress on to protect this share out bonus product to go up however. Through serious analysis, wang Zhenxing suggests she ought to plan above all medical treatment guarantees a portion. Just come to Shanghai work from the other place considering this client before long, the budget that can be used every year at be sure to plan is very little, wang Zhenxing tells her, all share out bonus product, bonus is not affirmatory, if be thrown according to the client's budget and requirement,keep this share out bonus product, actual profit not very tall.

For this, join real case of the client, wang Zhenxing planned for the client plan of an integrated safeguard. After careful consideration, the client accepted his plan, and Wang Zhenxing's income reduced close in part however. But he feels the heart is very dependable, he thinks " the safe care that is people to offer lifetime namely constitutionally and safeguard, should last 10 years below client autograph, when guarantee slip of 20 years, it is the beginning that I serve, is not an end. Do not be a foundation with sincere letter, how can you obtain long credit of the client again? How can you obtain long credit of the client again??

Wang Zhenxing hopes the IQA international that obtains indicative excellent service serves quality award particularly, and the 1 million round-table members of MDRT United States that admire to job wife person, he is not eager to pursuit however. He thinks, want what the sincere letter with oneself and major won a client to approbate only with support, selling outstanding achievement is the thing of success will come when conditions are ripe; And go after outstanding achievement blindly, affected service quality, all brilliant can be transitory only.
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