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With good insurance sale this Li Jian
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Recently, the media that the reporter joins a joint-stock insurance company to Shenyang meets meeting, this company is preparing to establish in Shenyang at present the 2nd branch. Go up to the road of guesthouse from the airport, the reporter speaks of the goal of visit innocently, the word of rental driver, make reporter shock not small. He says: "I know this is ' foreign insurance ' , their advertisement word is Shenyang came ' foreign insurance ' . You give me give advice give advice, the insurance that I buy their home how? " the reporter understands later, this branch should be in the earliest ability is formal October practice, and anthology preparatory circumstance is released in the media that the whole nation reachs to Shenyang at the beginning of August, should be a branch namely official start business extends business set out in advance to make arrangements. It is to create public opinion not just, the product of this company also extraordinary. Understand clauses better to let people, they made such explanatory note, "Do not be afraid of buy a fault " safe, have " love angel " safe, " 24 hours of major serve " safe, " the president of an association or society is great " safe, " the client is oriented " safe... Shenyang knowledge makes a reporter special sigh with emotion, now, a lot of insurance company are making the market bad to do. Actually, insurance consumption tends reason is changed the more, the insurance sale of the company is politic the more important. How to extend insurance market, this ocean was sure to attend a very good sale class to us.
A few days ago, sai Di adviser releases in its 2005 to when insurance market speaking of in special subject research 2006, think, new-style sale mode is a Li Jian that extends insurance market. Mode of sale of alleged and contemporary new-style insurance basically includes: A variety of means such as supermarket of sale of plan of sale of insurance of bank insurance, phone sale, network, postal insurance, media, whole, insurance. From at present mode of Chinese insurance sale looks, mode of new-style insurance sale basically applies at individual insurance market, the sale of group insurance market still is given priority to with the insurance salesperson of insurance company interior. Among them, mode of new-style insurance sale is sure with phone sale, network mode of two kinds of sale is main way. Report with market of Beijing birthday danger was 2005 exemple, market of Beijing birthday danger appears first first half of the year this year negative growth, but foreign capital insurance maintained fast growth however, market share from 1.26% rise to 6.46% . Report the analysis thinks, of new-style sale mode use result cannot do not have.
Sale learns a principle to tell us, insurance product feature and consumer behavior characteristic are deciding the alternative of insurance sale mode. Consume a group according to differring, combine different sale pattern, design and choice relevant or the insurance product of individual character is strategy of sale of insurance company executive insurance is important train of thought. Our country restores insurance Wu only 20 old time, insurance market is in primary development phase, especially line of business of individual birthday risk, early days depends on traditional sale mode to develop the market, already formed certain market dimensions, still have certain effect. But nowadays, insurance market is comprehensive and open, market competition main body is added gradually much; Although market dimensions cannot be compared, but in already exceeding on measure of foreign capital company endowment company; The market begins to move toward buyer's market by seller's market, sale channel moves toward diversity direction by simplification. This kind of change brought the bigger change of consumer behavior and motive, consumptive motive and behavior more hasten reason and actual effect. This is opposite undoubtedly current insurance sale raised taller requirement. Face intense market competition, new pattern of development insurance sale, reduce the sale cost, problem that analyses a client to consume behavior to should become current insurance company to pay close attention to very.
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