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Insurance company why all the year round invite applications for a job?
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In last weekend one invite applications for a job of Nanjing is met on the spot, a few post such as English, economy management are more welcome, insurance company clerk is unmanned make inquires however before stage of invite applications for a job. Chief of department of human affairs of some insurance company says, the clerk of the company is critical all the time, all the year round invite applications for a job. The reporter understands, enrol a person desperately in insurance company while, in-house personnel is finding new job ceaselessly however, insurance agent makes the managers of many insurance company straight scratch one's head.
To apply for a job person: Tall without base salary risk
"Although have challenge sex extremely, but the job that I am willing to choose 2000 yuan every months to stabilize income more. " the Zhang Tongxue that is about to be on working station this year says frankly. The reporter understands, what insurance agent and insurance company sign is to entrust acting contract, long-term since execute commission to make, namely every facilitating brushstroke business can get partial middleman's fee. This job does not have base salary, everything should rely on business to accumulate. This also means: You may work very hard, be obtained however very few. Major to apply for a job person express, would rather want a 1000 ~ the job of 2000 January firewood, also do not agree to risk this " do not seal a top however without base salary income " danger.
"A lot of youths have bit of record of formal schooling especially, do not agree to eat this suffering to put no less than frame work. " this personage says, procuratorial need is had and all sorts of clients are communicated, the ability of communication, the client is bought do not buy insurance, complete by agent one ask for a favor. Others can let believe you inside short time, believe insurance company and sign a contract, often depend on procuratorial human communication ability. "The youth lacks social experience, wait for a person to play without experience, lack patience, often had done this work very hard. Often had done this work very hard..
Incumbent: Find new job often promotion value
Find new job often, the general experience of the member that had made major insurance sale. Data shows, since a paragraph of period, sale member rate of going from place to place exceeded 60 % . Of insurer business extend ceaselessly, also increase ceaselessly to the clerk's demand, high pay digs a person is a lot of clerk those who find new job advocate because of. Mr Jiang is different, he worked 3 years in insurance company of some foreign capital, he tells a reporter, oneself do not have attributive feeling. He cannot enjoy the welfare treatment of office staff personnel not only, when producing issue, the company also won't lend his name to solve or assume responsibility. But, company however often one-sided drafts regulation, the action that will affect them directly even income.
Most what gentleman letting Jiang cannot understand is: Income besides capture individual income tax even pay business tax. "I never feel a ever was this company. It is leave one's post, 5 minutes are done calm. " Mr Jiang says helplessly.
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