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The member that raise commission birthday danger to add whether break through a
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Land Shanghai from life of friendly nation person, birthday danger sale member the run that the system had taken 13 years in chinese mainland, just heard Shanghai will hold with " Shanghai insurance sale member system reviewing and look into " the insurance forum that gives priority to a problem, the author can'ts help one time sighing with emotion. Sigh with emotion 13 years a snap of the fingers between one brandish; Deep feeling 13 years break out of life-insurance change quickly, bitter fleabane exhibits the mainland; Sale of danger of deep feeling birthday member the system is in 13 years an influence that brings to industry and whole society place, of the front, negative... .
The birthplace that Shanghai regards mainland birthday danger as sale and relatively mature birthday danger the market, of system of the course that mainland of system of the member that review sale has taken, member that review sale with break, experience and lesson are very necessary, this forum that so oneself think Shanghai is about to hold is very significant. Of wait and see what happens, calculate cry out a few times here.
Sale member create the history
Review even if tell the history. Respecting history remembers a classical issue: Be who created the history? Be hero or working people? Then, sale of danger of birthday of mainland of shortly general turn one's head member system when, oneself think to also should answer a same question: Who creates the history of sale of danger of chinese mainland birthday? Yes, have the result early to a problem: The history is working people creation. So the answer according to a problem after logic is: The history of sale of danger of chinese mainland birthday is sale member of creation. But, whether this answer affirms as much and to whether this answer affirms as much and get self-identity?
No matter company of which birthday risk, or the president of company of which birthday risk, or chairman of which sale summit, sale " 10 beautiful " or what hero, oneself believe to dare overestimate own ability without the person the ground says is he created the history of sale of mainland birthday danger. 13 years of mainland sale, start from Shanghai, between one night red all over the whole nation, make a magic weapon that birthday danger develops; Birthday danger sale member arrive from a few by tens of thousands till hundred thousands of about a hundred 10 thousand, they walk along 1000 a visit to the parents or schoolchildren or young workers 10 thousand, worn-out shoe of one in pairs, paid boundless arduous with sweat, with the one insurance cost casting of pen of guarantee slip brushstroke the history of danger of birthday of these 13 years of sale! Also brought up the birthday risk company with a brilliant home, senior management that trained company of a batch of risk that approve birthday cadre... .
Balance still is lever
The history is the history after all, be in glow and the backside that tirelessly path comes to, always have massiness and deep thing. History of birthday danger sale is an afford for thought likewise is epic. Late at night by column when, think of such problem constantly: Creat historical sale member people advance wave upon wave accomplished ostentatious capitalist, when red fashionable gold gets a white-collar, and what did themselves get? Now where? Then the footstep of my backdate history searchs them: Have among them sell and of actor criterion be an official -- Rong Shengbai gets gold; Have sell and of actor criterion business -- him deal went; Have sell and of actor criterion division -- went waiting a moment when instructor adviser, one day can is like 13 years in this industry, what still pursueing birthday danger sale is little after all and little! Whether is knowing to defeat solution this among them doubt, I pullback the look to the birthday danger market of instantly again, those who see is the member that add difficult, fall off lead tall, income low, the sale team of ceaseless atrophy. The picture before and 13 years ago flourishingly situation it is so tremendous contrast actually! Sale of danger of the birthday 13 years ago member average income is a society probably the 1 of average earning. 5 times more even, the insurance cost of lunar average per capita of the member that link the birthday danger sale of Shanghai nowadays now also does not cross more than 2000 yuan, calculate commission income trifling hundreds of money! The birthday risk company 13 years ago does poineering work difficultly, hardworking and thrifty is managed, now air of birthday danger rich and powerful family is extraordinary nowadays, spend money like water! Pardonable that comes from Taiwan, say to go up the precursor of sale of mainland birthday danger says: Overseas is the member that birthday danger expands sale more richer, the income of the member that the pay that pours the office staff that is insurance company in the mainland goes up to compare sale is fast.
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