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Insurance myth: My friend is how to be ascended groom of teaching material
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I have a friend to had stayed in insurance company, very strong like property of this kind of sale company always is circulating a lot of myth. My friend also has favour to become one of myth.

Friend ability is general, eloquence flatly, the arms of the person at the head of a procession that should say he can make sale field is to beat dead also nobody believes. He takes insurance company is strong finish school before long, he works to still do not have assured source in those days, add be relapsed to persuade, took insurance company. His outstanding achievement cans be imagined. 9 months have not opens sheet, often be in charge of to help, do so that he does not have face already confidence is low, adscititious spirit is depressive. Many times all over the face famished look ground will had looked for me. We are intimate good friend, but suffer from is hard up, can not afford insurance, can hit the comfort that folds a few utterance to go up only every time.

After good period of time, he says with me he wants to market insurance to the family member first suddenly (his director is actually early cross) with respect to such clew, and 3 had had prospect of a solution. That 3 people are:  department makes fun of treasure of the tip of a twig of  of  of blessing of    Zhen of benzene of ⒔ of Zhan of dim glow of the setting sun of Jiao of magpie of  of  of  of sulphur of brigade of Qiu of eggplant of 5   where embeds magpie of closely question of the 5  that compare bluff ask force hey Sou  just ancients name for a water catltrop twinkling reed as hired hand in certain trades  dash forward В   is cut

Get on for the end of the year, the friend still is one sheet was not become, the director is early not quite advertent he. But in the twelfth month of the lunar year finally in 5 days, he opened 3 sheet continuously, make everybody be looked at with new eyes almost...

After a few years, when friend and my prattle now and then allude, he already went up of insurance company groom teaching material, became person of a legend. Of course the clue has change: Bastinado of Bin of neon of lens of bad cover of haze of apology of  extensive pen makes fun of  barium to uncover laborious of suddenly of chloric ゲ of shelfing  of Jiao of heart of ⑾ of anxiety stew  to make fun of  banter a key to do sth to show  of bursa of ň triangular bream to seek wet Zong of ⑻ agreement body rank cowardly of pharynx of money of scabbard of D agreement body faithful post perch, and he, keep an enterprise going by painstaking effort still is after making that 3 sheet oneself, other company also went after a few months...

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